Unity tracking issue

Hey guys,
I’m having a weird issue in some games.
Basically when I turn to one spot (always the same), the headset will show me the opposite direction. If I keep turning, it will go back to normal.
I drew a sketch to try and illustrate the problem.!

I first noticed it in Blade and Sorcery. I thought it was a tracking issue but :
It was working fine before update 9.1 where :

  • Updated to XR plugin

And the issue resolved itself with update 9.3 which listed as changelog :

  • Removed Unity XR plugin (hopefully fix a rare crash / black screen)
  • Misc changes for the arcade version of the game

So I’m guessing it might be the unity XR plugin ?
Right now I’m having the same issue with Valheim VR mod, and in the exact same spot.

Any of guys ran into this problem ? Is it Pimax specific ?
Do you guys think it’s game-specific or should I post a bug report over there : https://github.com/ValveSoftware/unity-xr-plugin/issues ?

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I’m no expert but my immediate reaction is: you have something in the room causing this. A picture, a coaster, a shiny… something. My guess would be that you have a mirror on the wall or something like that as flipping the axis is a bit extreme.

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Yes that was one of my first thoughts.
But I have thoroughly checked my tracking, upgraded from V1 to V2 LH because of a busted LH V1 and the problem persisted through it.
Again, the issue was only at the time with B&S and it would consistently appear/disappear with the updating and rolling back of versions. Only recently did I pick up Valheim and noticed the same problem.
Only thing I could see is that my V1 lighthouse had a dead spot and that maybe it persisted through the upgrade. But I did a thorough reinstall of SteamVR, Pitool and stuff while debugging. And even then, why only these two games ?

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For some reason, the valheim VR mod change the orientation of the play space origin when launching. This causing this bug to happen in a different spot in the room, depending on the orientation of the HMD when launching the game, but still in the same spot in relation to the origin (ie when turning to the 4 o’clock position).
So I really don’t think it’s LH related…
The mistery thickens…

Edit : quick vid demonstrating the problem : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XBLC3sERdGrn_TKVxDYf_mbMaVvXGRzy/view?usp=sharing

Unfortunately this is common, I have ran into it during game development and the only way i found to fix the issue was to reset the standing/seated position. I add the option to reset it through the game but if that’s not an option you can reset it through the steamvr overlay.