Unreleased headsets discussion

Here’s some reports about upcoming headsets

PSVR2 - I heard 4k per eye or 4k wide per eye and 180 fov, also I’ve heard 2k per eye and 120 fov with wireless., Knuckles like gloves demoed

Vive all in one - supposed to be “better than anything on the market”

Apple VR - 8k per eye / 16k total but microled with 60-70 degree fov.

Galea - Index and brain computer interface in one, no details on displays

Amazon - just rumors of an Amazon VR project

Samsung - Bug headset with no specs, knuckles like gloves demoed

Varjo - VR4 consumer version next year

Xbox VR - no spec leaks only leaks in code.

Decagear - Basically a reverb G2 with 118 diagonal fov and vive face tracker but with better infrared tracking (quest grade tracking)

Pimax has a lot of competition in this year and next it seems


vaporware… unfortunately.

Thanks for the list. The Vive all in one is not supposed to be “better than anything on the market” but better then all standlone Vive HMDs (so it is better than the Vive Focus Plus). This was wrongly communicated by YouTubers.

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  • 4k per eye 180 FOV PSVR2, not gonna happen.

  • Problem with Varjo is that they require an 800$ a year service fee, excluding their 3k headset

  • Vive problems is they have no sense for proper product pricing

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