Update on wireless module, controllers and 90hz native mode on 8KX?

When will we get some updates on Pimax controllers, the wireless module and 90hz native mode for the 8kx? Thanks


Bump @PimaxQuorra @Miracle @hammerhead_gal @apple can we get an update on these 3 things
(1. wireless module,
2. pimax controllers, and
3. 90hz for 8KX without upscale on native mode using normal fov setting
in the next weekly update please? Thanks


@SweViver @PimaxUSA any update on the 90 mhz testing at native res?

That’s one of the near term items we will be talking about. This is something that we’ve been working on for a while. We’ll probably release the refresh rate update as beta firmware that is limited to specific models of gpu hardware.


@PimaxUSA By accident could Pimax buy only for their customers some RTX 3080/3090 to give In bundle with native 90 HZ Pimax 8K X at a fair price ?

Interesting. Thanks for the update.


Is Pimax thinking to do something to help Pimax users to buy a RTX 3080/3090 ?

I have ordered a 3090 on 24 september from an italy distributor but still nothing

however if a miner can buy 70 rtx , i think that a company like Pimax could buy a standard batch
to defend their VR business from speculation

Please watch evga catalog: prices are about the same as at launch.

However probably they will go out of stock before i will have a notification

Just bite the bullet and get it via eBay.

Of course Pimax isn’t going to invest funds into buying GPUs to sell them as a bundle, that’s pretty insane.

A bit like asking a car manufacturer to please buy petrol to go with the car.

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In the past they have sold graphic boards

I do not remember if the thing went well

Usually people after they have paid want the product the day after

but now the situation is without hope

so they can’t fail

Ciao Fabrizio,
I bought my colourful 3090 battle axe from pimax . You can ask directly to WhatsApp number.1700€ with vat in Italy

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I have pimax 8kx and colourful 3090. Can I partecipate to beta?

I9 10900k+ gigabyte 3090oc and fibra and normal cable. If I can get the beta I help pimax in testing …

Thank you,

When you have bought that 3090 ? Asking because you know price now are very high

I can’t find a 3090 battle axe.

do you know if they have only that , or all the colourful models of 3080/3090 ?

I bought 3090 battle ax ( the only one) in august. You can ask to Pimax directly +86 186 1637 8561. https://en.colorful.cn/product_show.aspx?mid=102&id=1812

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This is the moment we have been waiting for! Hope my 3080 is able to use it

It sad how this post asked about wireless, controllers, and the refresh rate on the the 8KX. The wireless and controllers were completely ignored by Pimax as usual, and now this post was hijacked and turned into “how can Pimax get me a new graphics card.”


This is what happens when posters do not stick to the OP (like what Just did with this) :laughing:

@Zen ,
I responded to this same question back in 2020 (besides the 8KX stuff). From what I have heard the wireless module has been in “development” for a while but currently is not a sellable option. Pimax COO stated on these forums a while back that the relevant wireless transmitter/receiver chips would be available in sufficient quantity for mass manufacturing some time 2021…I am not sure if they are still looking into this or not.

I feel like the controllers are stuck in development Limbo as well seeing the last official statements was January 8th, 2021:

Pimax Controller Progress
"We are still in the tooling and tooling modification phase for the housings of the Pimax controllers. We are quite far along with the design and manufacturing preparation process, but these are not quite ready to show the public just yet."

Seeing the controllers have been in development for over 3 years now…I don’t know what else to say about it. Might come this year, might not.

Personally I feel like Pimax has put WAAAAAAY too much focus on coming out with a new headset every 6 months instead of giving customers the wanted accessories we need. Keeping my fingers crossed the 8KX is going to be the end of the line for a while…if history has anything to say about it we all know that won’t happen.

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