[Update] Universal Unity Culling Fix Mod V2.0.1 now released - Much simpler and more universal!

Update: Changelog for v2.0.1

  • I’ve fixed a bug where some games after loading a scene, would unset the Camera causing the mod not to work.

Download Version 2.0.1 here:


This is Version 2.0.1 of the MelonLoader Unity Universal Culling Fix Mod. I would like to thank @koochy_rat for programming this version of the script which directly references openvr_api.dll, eliminating the need for referencing Valve.VR. This makes the mod much simpler and more universal. I implemented it into a mod and did lots of testing.


  • Go to https://melonwiki.xyz/ and install MelonLoader onto the Unity game you want to mod.
  • Go into your game directory and place the correct .dll file inside the Mods folder
  • Run the game and enjoy a culling free experience!

To determine the correct dll for the Unity game that you want to patch:

  • Go into the root game folder and open the (Game)_Data folder where (Game) is the title of the game. Inside that folder, if you see a folder named “il2cpp_data” that means you’ll need to place UniversalCullFixil2cpp.dll in the Mods folder. The following Il2cpp games are confirmed to work: Boneworks, Pistol Whip, The Room VR, and Audica. This game doesn’t work: Until You Fall

  • Inside (Game)_Data folder if you see a Managed folder instead, open that. If you see a long list of files with UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll in there, then it is a Mono 4 Unity game. That means you’ll need to place UniversalCullFixMono4.dll in the Mods folder. The following Mono4 games are confirmed to work: Blade & Sorcery, Republique VR, Iron Wolf VR, Arizona Sunshine, Thief Simulator VR, VTOL VR, and Virtual Battlegrounds.

  • If instead you see very few files inside the Managed folder and you only see UnityEngine.dll file, then it is a Mono 3.5 Unity game. That means you’ll need to place UniversalCullFixMono3.5.dll in the mods folder. The following Mono3.5 games are confirmed to work: H3VR, Shadows Legends, Superhot VR, and Sairento VR. This game doesn’t work: The Forest

  • For Boneworks you can use either the original mod or the UniversalCullFixil2cpp.dll. But I’d recommend the original because it’s implemented most precisely for the game.

In rare cases, a game that look like it is Mono 4 may actually be Mono 3.5. If you see a TargetFrameworkVersioning error in the MelonLoader command line, then try another version.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues! And also if you really want me to fix a particular game such as The Forest, I can look into modifying the code for a unique build that will work.

@mixedrealityTV @vrftw @crispybuttphd @VR-TECH @JMagnat


Nice work! :slight_smile:



Very nice work guys! I am still in Quarantine


Nice nice!
Thank you!


Really cool work. Many thanx.
I will try it…


stay healthy…

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Can you add Phasmophobia VR, it’s really cool game run on Unity Engine. THX!

I dont see any culling on phasmo and even if, you can test the fix versions :wink:

Bumping this post for those who didn’t see this originally. :slight_smile:


thx for doing so, as I didn’t see it! this might be helpful and I look forward trying it out as soon I have some spare time. Thx mate!


Nice work!

Does anyone know if any of these games are in unity:
Star wars squadrons
Il-2 sturmovik
Assetto corsa competizione
Automobilista 2
(Any other sim racing/flight sims)?

Most of those games use their own custom engine but iRacing and Assetto Corsa doesn’t require parallel projection.

ACC uses Unreal Engine as far as i know also.

Uses Frostbite engine.

Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

I tried using it with Gun Club VR game, which appears to be Unity4 game, but no luck - I get a bit of clipping at the right edge of vision and massive shadow flicker (that’s without PP workaround of course). It’s probably not a popular game, so i don’t have much hopes it’ll get looked at. I verified that version.dll and MelonLoader are loaded in the game, but I don’t see you .dll loaded, but maybe it shouldn’t be (I placed Mono4 one under Mods).

Cheers and good luck with this awesome effort.

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You don’t see my dll in the melonloader console when game is starting up? It should be detected. I might need to update the project for the latest MelonLoader version.

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I might have to add a switch on game launch in Steam to see the console, right? I did not do that. I used process explorer to check loaded modules. I can see version proxy is loaded, melon binaries loaded - but I did not see your .dll (but that doesn’t necessarily mean its not loaded).

When you start a game, there should be a seperate window of the game that shows the names of plugins loaded and any print statements. Does it show up for you?

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There’s no window other than main game mirror :frowning:

Hmmm. Did you use MelonLoader automated installer to install it onto the game? That would have created a Mods folder that you place .dll files in.

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