Updated PiTools now PE does not load

I just updated my PiTools to ver. and Now PE does not start. I unchecked the start home box and did a reboot then recheck the home box. No change. I was going going to reinstall PE but I can not find the installer here or on my HD. I can still load and run games in PiTools like before. Is the new PE update around the corner and I should wait? or how do I fix this?

That version is actually older. Re Install 2.084 and PE 0.60. Or there is a recent new pitool release with new ipd setup.

New pitool 2.086 here

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Re-installing PiTool (any version but I believe) will overwrite PE with the old fixed image “Pimax Home”.

You can always re-install PE manually after installing any version of PiTool (but You have to use 1.264+/2.084+ for it to work as there is communication support built-in into PiTool for PE to work).

PE 0.60 can be fetched from here:


Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer


Note: The new beta comes with its own installer, but requires you to have PiTool version installed. Make sure to tick the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” in PiTool, Settings -> General . This will enable automatic launch of Pimax VR Experience.

For now, You have to ignore the “update” as it’s actually a downgrade as Heliosurge says… :wink:


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