Upload VR rarely mentions Pimax unless its bad news

Media perception is killing them.

also Pimax apparently has no market share on steam. This must be a lie. Its behind the Huawei VR? what the hell even is that? Oh and we are behind the dk1 lol



Legendary comercial wars … America against Asia … same old song my friend.

Truth in recent months not much news recently. Most have recently reported on the Delays. On the plus side pimax has made the news by being reported on. So hopefulky they will report more as things develop.

Steam Survey is unfortunately not that in depth. Hopefully Valve will expand it more so more headsets are recorded in the results.

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The drama continues, seems this upload VR article above stirred up some heat from @SweViver. Then the freality guys called him out on it. (1:05:16 is the specific time stamp reharding sweviver)

what do you think. Also its hard to hear the negativity towards Pimax but you also can’t deny some of its deserved.

What do you think about their point about sweviver’s comment? Do you think it was unprofessional?

Nathie also mentions that he thinks the first batch will be experimental…

Well off the hop there are some inaccuracies.

  1. The 8kX is late but was originally projected for around Mar 2018. But yes is still late & tbh it has benefited as the original timeline would have truly been experimental.
  2. He calls the Comfort kit the headstrap of which we know it is not the MAS, but an improved Fase mask.
  3. Still confusing 5k & 8k with P1. These are P2 pimax headsets. P1 is the ones that used the P4k framework.

Most companies first releases often has a bit of experimental. Nvidia early RTX failures. Valve Index Headset & Controller issues. Oculus S early tracking issues. HTC Reverb first release. AMD first Vega release with pciX power issues.

All make small to large revisions & most are oblivious to these upgrades. But some are known due to press & user discovery. (Index Controller hardware quiet fix for example.)

The Oculus comment should have been avoided and simply invited them to come to CES to come see what there missing.

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I agree, they are rightfully calling swevivers comments ,Pimaxes comments. He represents them now and should not resort to those tactics.

Regarding #3 I think he may have been referring to the (unconfirmed) difference in 5k+ headsets.

there are people on the forums that cant seem to get the 120hz mode working and claim they are on an earlier revision siting that as the reason.

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Yeah No. 3 could just be restating the confusion some still on what tge p# represents. And as you said be more referring to 5k+ variant that seems to potentially have the non 120hz capability issue.

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yeah either way all of this confusion kind of proves his point.

i suspect a new upload vr article inbound :thinking:

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