Upscale mode - please make the frequency changeable


got my 8kx a few days ago. After solving some issues, it works great now. But…

the upscale mode allows only 114hz. For games with lower framerate, as i.e. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, it would be a good thing to be able to select 90hz, 75 or 72 hz and 60 hz.

The upscaler seems to be overloaded with 114 hz. The lines are blurry and text is quite unclear. I think, that lower framerates at displaylevel would allow internally to make the picture sharper, because the upsacaler would have more time to upscale.

This is something, that was already discussed in September 2020. SweViver then stated, that the team at PIMAX is working at the option to enable different hz frequencies in upscale mode. Still changes are not possible.

I understand, that the first delivered 8kx came with 90hz upscaled mode. So this mode already exists and works. What is the problem with allowing this one? Should not be too difficult shouldn`t it?.

So please… make this possible soon.

Other than that… I have loads of fun with my 8kx.

Best regards from Germany



@PimaxQuorra @Alex.liu can you look into the request above and forward it to the team please.



No, definitely not, bad idea.

For MSFS, or other VR apps with extreme performance requirements, it is far better to just use native mode, and do any ‘downscaling’ in software. The upscaler - or any other physical resolution benefit - is a bottleneck that only harms the ratio of computation to visual quality. And any benefit of an upscaler with specifically aligned subpixel arrangements will be marginal at most, due to the 3D nature of even 2D displays in VR.

No developer time should be wasted on this.


The only possible use for an alternative upscaled refresh rate is to accommodate weird applications which can only run properly at some specific resolution and framerate not otherwise available. This has not been a problem so far, and is increasingly unlikely.

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The 8kX like the 8k+ and og 8k should also support different refresh modes

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No. Native mode refresh rates should be top priority - we need 60Hz, ideally other modes like 45Hz too. Just because something existed for older hardware does NOT make it useful with actually higher resolution displays.

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No. High refresh rates are nice.

Personally I would like a high refresh rate 1/2 scale linear upscale.

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Native ok but for every headsets.

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Disagree. As does the op and others. Native and upscaled should both have refresh options.

And with Upscale it should be a priority as the 114hz mode many have reported screen blanking making upscaled not that usable at present.

Since the 8k+ already supports other refresh modes and is upscaled it is a no brainer to simply add these refresh rates as the 8kX in Upscale is an 8k+.

Even if you do not plan on using it.


Any refresh rate in upscaled mode would be less useful than the same refresh rate in native mode. So, while 90Hz upscaled might be useful, 90Hz native would still be even more useful in every possible situation.

Upscaled mode exists in practice for one purpose only - to fit some high refresh rates into the limits of DisplayPort electronics. No other reason.

Putting developer cycles into legacy junkware - that’s what older DisplayPort standards are at this point - is a very bad idea.

No. This is stupid. You are one step away from asking for the Pimax Vision 8kX to directly support retro gaming.

Now that you mention it it was advertised to support 90hz in upscaled mode.

It is useful for users and those whom are considering spending the little extra to have all the features of the 8k+ and the option of future expansion/upgrade with Native.

DeV cycles were already put into the upscaled mode in the 8k+ so not that more difficult to add it to a headset that can run in 8k+ mode or native 8kX mode. Now if the 8kX wasn’t supporting a legacy mode of Upscaling like originally spec’d then maybe folks might agree with you.

Implementing Refresh modes for the Upscaled mode makes perfect sense to make it so more will pay the extra for the 8kX vs choosing the 8k+ as the X has all the same options as the 8k+.

It would be like releasing the 5kSuper with only 160hz and 180hz doing away with lower refresh rates as legacy & why support retro refresh rates or lower FoV.

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Yeah… Or something like the ability to import settings from a spreadsheet… :rofl:


We do not know that. I would not be so sure the code between the two headsets is exactly the same, much less copy/paste portable as you seem to suggest.

At least I am suggesting useful functionality. The upscaler itself is inherently undesirable.

If only You had stuck to importing and exporting profiles, yes, but You had to throw in Your spreadsheets… :wink:

To me that sounds “stupid”, but the thing is if it would be useful for a lot of people it might be worth it.

You seem to think that anything You don’t find value in is either silly or even stupid.

Maybe broaden Your view of the world a tiny bit… :rofl:

EDIT: Here’s an example: You want 60Hz native mode. I, personally, have no use for that. Does that make it stupid? Not really. It just means that I wouldn’t prioritize that but I understand why You would want that and I wouldn’t try to do anything to prevent You (and others) in getting that feature.

EDIT2: What would be more useful to me would be a 90Hz reduced FOV (normal) mode and I think that should be prioritized over 60Hz native or 90Hz upscale but Pimax needs to do whatever makes sense to them first.


And you do not know it isn’t close to being that simple.

Pimax said before the 8kX has the same scaler and Screens as the 8k+.

It also works against marketring with them saying upscale mode makes it run as an 8k+. And as said it is supposed to support 90hz upscaled and the 114hz has been reported by many as broken with 1 screen or both blanking. Suggesting the 114hz suppose to be 120hz is still unstable so supporting lower refresh rates is a no brainer.

Just because you see no value for your usage with a very high end pc doesn’t mean they shouldn’t explore adding this to match advertised capability.

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Problem is, you are forgetting the upscaler is inherently undesirable. It degrades both visual quality and rendering performance. This is a very hard mathematical reality.

I was only referring to the equations and such, not suggested parameters. I have now edited that post to clarify.


Heliosurge. DrWilken. You are among the smarter users here. Myself, I have literally posted a YouTube video for this. If you still do not get it, then newbies are going to try all manner of combinations of this stupidity and get worse results.

High end PC or not, does not matter. Upscaler degrades both visual quality and rendering performance in all cases. Upscaler should only ever be used to overcome DisplayPort bandwidth limits.


Wanting the upscaler when you could be using native mode, is like begging for all your video data to be run through 60% quality JPEG encoding, whether needed or not. No, this is not going to look better, do not ask.

Upscaler bad. Native good.

Your opinion is noted. There is no confusion; you think the 8kX should not have wasted space on the ic for the Upscaler. However since we have it and people like the option it should have full function for the reasons listed.

By your logic no refresh rates lower than 75 should be wasted on retro features.

I am sure pimax will be more open about completing the upscale refresh modes. Much like they are working on 60hz mode for native and should maybe also support multiples of 24 for cinema video.

Yes no monitor or TV should support lower resolutions. :smirk:


Wrong. Obviously there is confusion. I think the upscaler is a legitimate feature for getting maximum refresh rate. Not for lower refresh rates.

VR headsets with position tracking are a vastly different technology from computer monitors. None of the existing software is even compatible with aligning pixels for such things as VR static HUD graphics overlays. We have debated this before, I have considered it carefully, this is not relevant here.

Well it is relevant and has been proven to work.

This says it all. Have sent this to pimax to remind them of this statement of working on adding refresh rate modes to the Upscale mode.

As mentioned just because you find no value for your per case usages doesn’t mean they shouldn’t complete this feature as planned & advertised.

So like your angst towards Steam, I think we will see support as planned.