USB Connectivity Issues on Ryzen Systems

Some AMD users have been posting on social media, including Reddit, about experiencing intermittent connectivity problems when using USB ports on their 500-series motherboards. […]

The most common reproduction of this issue appears to be during the use of Virtual Reality headsets […], with an intermittent connection issue being more prevalent to these users.

More info…
AMD To Probe Potential USB Connectivity Issue on Ryzen Systems (

If you have this issue, here’s a possible solution:
Try this if your Pimax 8KX has unstable tracking issue on Ryzen system - Pimax Hardware / P2: 8kX - OpenMR | Community


Yeah @Kimchi_guy posted a solution switching pcix from 4.0 to 3.0

Just noticed you posted a link to his topic :laughing:

Hopefully Amd can release a fix to not downgrading pciX mode.


Wow, I may as well have gone Intel if this is my fix.

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