Useful Suggestions for Muting Topics & Users

From @Heliosurge:
This Help File will detail How to deal with avoiding unnecessary drama.

Topics you can Mute a Topic to not notify you of any new posts.
Add users to your “Mute User” preference in your settings gear.

@Kopa has created a Tampermonkey script below to improve avoiding users you find obnoxious below.

Extend Pimax Forum 2.1 Update2


From @Kopa:
This isn’t just for avoiding users anymore.
Please let me know if any additional bugs are found during general usage.
Also let me know if you have any feature suggestions or how to improve the script.
Use at your own risk guys.

Change Log:

  • Rewrote how styles and tags work to make the styling and tagging more consistent for each type of Tag.
  • Rewrote how the posts for Hidden Users was hidden to make use of the new classes injected during tagging.
  • Added styling for System assigned tags.
  • Added tagging for the 8k/5k+ Beta Testers.
  • Added custom tagging to be used on any user.
  • Added tagging Admins, Mods, Owners, 8k/5k+ Beta Testers, and Hidden Users to display a shield around their handle picture.

Known Bugs:

  • Replies from a tagged User will sometimes cause the tags to be applied to the “replied to” post and any other posts by the replied to user.

Lessons re/learned:
The forum uses Ember.js, so if I wanted to I could figure out how to do more to the forum.
But, I don’t even want to… I hate JavaScript/jQuery… and yet it is part of my job…


Please feel free to ask any questions.

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how to use it? Tried just running the script and got an error message.

Install the Tampermonkey extension for your browser, and activate the script through that.
I modified the post to link to the Tampermonkey site.

Even, Android should be supported.

LOL, I really liked the “don’t be a pervert” tag.

I like to think I’m funny from time to time. :grin:

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I have it installed but there is no documentation on how specifically to block users. Be noob friendly and give us a step by step.

There is a line

Var Hidden users = [‘bob’,‘jerry’,‘seb’];

ok thanks, what do I do with this line? I have to edit the script? I’m not a programmer. sorry if I seem uneducated, but I am. this is not my area of expertise.

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Yes you will need to edit that line

Var Hidden user =

As shown above not sure if it requires plain user name or @ username.

great help. thank you.

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Your welcome! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Minor update to the script to account for the forum update and the change to use HTTPS.