Useful threads thread (Thread of useful threads)

Post links to useful threads in this thread, with mods, tips or tricks to improve compatibility or performance or the other improvements.

Vive DAS velcro attachment guide,
Vive DAS connector 3d printed parts schematics
Vive DAS connector how to attach the 3d printed parts video tutorial
Distortion fixes 1
Distortion fixes 2
Link to all pitool versions
Firmware flasher
Setup guides for best quality performance in steam and pitool
Compatible games lists
Elite Dangerous fix
Asseto Corsa advanced setup guide
Subnautica troubleshooting
New Pavlov doesn’t need parralel projections anymore so it saves performance
Sweviver 5k vs 8k in depth review (needs a short update soon in my opinion as both headsets have improved)
Outstanding problems and fixes for pitool, 5k+ and 8k
20 question survery for backers experience of quality
Pimax official Production Progress thread
Pimax Backer delivery progress spreadsheet


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