Vality VR Headset!

Crazy resoltion but a good year ahead…


Bummer… :flushed:

When putting on the headset, the field of view definitely has a swimming-goggles feel to it, and though the company expects to deliver a slightly larger 85 × 85 degree field of view in the finished product, it’s still going to be a notable reduction compared to the larger ski-google feel of the bulkier class of headsets.

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Must be using the new Kopin micro displays

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this kind of annoucement is more to grab investor’s money than interesting users.
It just proves that Pimax rocks and is way ahead, with high resolution and wide FOV already available, while others are contemplating horizon 2021 at best.
The only drawback of this is Pimax is using current technology and must be ready to jump on anything new and not stay stuck like Oculus, refurbishing the same stuff again and again…