Valve HMD coming up?


1001 ppi lcd displays, so will this enable a wider fov with the shown (larger than vive pro ) lens without the hammer head look

vive pro and samsunng odyssey have 615 ppi,

Looks like a wider fov with much improved resolution compared to what is now available

Valves lens are 120fov ( horizontal ??) which is about same as 135 diagonal

Always the problem. It can be an endless game of waiting what’s on the horizon. Sometimes it pays off to wait on a certain generation, sometimes you just take the plunge. I did this with graphics cards upgrading from 770 to 1070, totally glad I waited and skipped the 9 series (good cards), but the 10 series just had that greater jump. I was very close to getting a 980ti, but heard of the newer cards coming in a few months.

Waiting for VR HMD’s though, nobody really knows of release dates. Just get a good deal on your chosen headset to keep you going for a while.


Indeed & when a major change like ddr6 mem comes into play often good to wait 6months to see if it takes without fallout. Atm it seems tge ddr6 might be related to card failures. Should have just went hbm. Especially at tge price point.

Emagin does have a 2k x 2k, but they their latest is a 4k x 4k display and it is roughly a couple inches, so still far from a cell phone size. here is part of their Q1 transcript, CEO Andrew Sculley,
"Yes. This would be – what we’re working on is like a 4Kx4K. I can’t give you the exact numbers because we don’t witness anyone divulge that. But it’s the design that when we go to companies and talk to them, this is the type of display they want for VR or mixed reality, and so we are designing that display with this one company that’s funding this design. "



Andrew Sculley

Well, the one has talked to us for a while, and now is coming to the point. This is not the one that we’ve been talking to for a while and told you about. The other ones, there’s 2, the one came to us, but through another partner. So another partner put some pressure on and said, “Please don’t talk to them.” And they are – they’re very interested. So the terms that we take should be the best for you, the shareholder, and that’s what we’re looking at. We’re looking at can we broaden our – can we broaden what it is we’re doing, so that we become a larger part of the market more quickly. So that’s what we’re looking at. And there’s one other one that has now made it a plausible path forward in terms of what they’re – what they’ve talked to us about, and I apologize that I can’t tell you what these things are.

Dennis Van Zelfden

Well, that’s fine. I’m just – it seems like the original one that you’ve been talking to them for, I don’t know, maybe a year or so. I’m just wondering if you’re just starting with the new partner, potential new partners, are we looking at another year delay or?

Andrew Sculley

Well, no, I wouldn’t say that at all because the real thing you have to look at is the market. Now as you know, we’re coming out with a new display at the end of this year and that’s the thing or the beginning of next, and that’s the thing that we’ve got a target. That new display will be something that no one else is built.

It will have the pixel density that’s needed. It’s designed for the optics that this company is building, and it will have the brightness that’s needed for the VR. It also has other things in it that I can’t mention, so I apologize, that are – what is really needed for the VR market. And one of the things I can mention a 120 hertz, of course, in terms of speed. But many other things to make this work very well. So I think that’s what is needed, and so now it’s not going to take another year to get there because now we have some competition here.

Dennis Van Zelfden

Okay. Well, I guess it kind of follows into my next question. My last question is that, given some sort of a delay here, months maybe, and given the long lead times than any, whoever you end up going with, given the long lead times of the ramp-up and stuff, what – does that delay due to a Tier 1’s plans to roll out a product. I don’t know in the 2020 time frame. And does that impact all that?

Andrew Sculley

Well, in the 2020 time frame, to put in an OLED line, we’ve said in the past that 18 months. So we’re not impacting it yet, the ramp of the product will be reasonable on the side of the consumer company, right. It won’t start at millions per month, but will grow to that. And 2020 is the year we have to hit.

Dennis Van Zelfden

Okay. Well, I guess, my last question is that I’m sure the Tier 1 that you’re working with knows all of this about what you’re doing in terms of negotiating with these many manufacturers? Are they saying come on eMagin, pick somebody because we don’t want to be delayed, if we decide to go ahead with the product.


This hmd will matter or not for @PimaxVR depending if they can fix performance on the 8k and 5k+. With smooth rendering Valve has a huge advantage if they want to release a high spec hmd, but on similar performance terms Pimax will do fine, they will still win on resolution, higher fov and whatever LH 2.0 device they release, it should be compatible with it.

Now if Pimax can’t get smooth rendering, brain warp, etc. working and we still need raw force to make rendering work, the new HMD will destroy Pimax since simply the market for people with 1080ti/2080ti is really small and even average games tax it heavily, also Valve HMD would be able to SS a lot higher than Pimax so it would end looking better.

It’s still a good thing for us, though, since this will make Pimax not to rest comfortably on their technically superior features, but now they really have to up their software and tools if they want to compete on the higher end of the VR market.


Then where is HL3? Where are the Knuckles controllers? How long did it take them to get a production ASW Equivalent out? (2+ years) What about their production debacle on the Valve Steam Machines??

Juicy find. And developers are starting to show off Knuckles EV3 suddenly so maybe some NDA has just been lifted too.


Interesting find, but it’s a bit older, a conference call from May this year. They haven’t talked about this in their latest conference (last week) so I’m not sure if they’re still planning on this …

Then again, on their website they still say ‘coming soon’ about their OLED 2kx2k display (RGB stripe!) :


From your post it’s the 4k x 4k panel they want to develop right? One things for sure it seems the big players are actively seeking out the ultimate display. I just hope Vale follow the console idea and put out a great headset at cost


Steam Machines are 3rdparty endorsed. There out there & the SteamOS is still being developed but at present better performance on other linux distros with installing the steam runtime & recent development intoa specialized Wine is bringin a ton of games including vr into linux.

Anyone can make & sell steam machines. But SteamOS itself is a debian flavor dum down for a more console users.

HL3? Well that’s been the grail for a long time much to our mutual disapointment.

But at least we have what started out a community updated HL game Black Mesa.

Knuckles? Well Valve needs time as the last review we had here in the forums was not overly positive but okay. Now where is LG’s Ultragear or did they abandon it?

Check forum here awhile ago a dev posted a review on them.

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One of the doubts is that I don’t think they can offer a large FOV with a small square panel, so my best bet is that it’s total custom panel but based on other panels technologies


Yes they discus that. A custom made panel to match the clients large FOV optic system with 120hz and many other features


A recent conversation I had with a friend sounds like Valve’s new headset might not be for consumers. But time will tell.

Hmmm… Your post on this might reinforce the idea of non consumer. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s Just my personal view but I don’t see Valve willing to go with all the troubles of the consumer market for this product. Maybe a great reference design that HTC can copy :wink: and Valve obtaining royalties by the band

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Why is that? It’s Steam. They designed the Vive. It will be bundled with knuckles and half life. I would be surprised if they went that high in resolution but maybe they have more than one model under development?


True keep in mind as well Valve did offer awhile back Hmd Dev kits. So this may also be to help push these out to get more of a Wmr type push as well.

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Anything is possible with Valve. Remember they opened up their tracking system but made it so you need to buy LH kits & rebrand them.

The real question what happened to Valve’s last sponsored hmd from lg ultragear?

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