Valve Index Controllers with Pimax Vision 8K PLus

Good evening

I am testing the Pimax Vision 8K Plus along with Valve Index controllers. It is not working.

See attached image - Device Pair button is greyed out. can’t be pressed.

When I launch Steam VR with pitool.exe / pi_overlay.exe / pi_server.exe all running in the background steam VR cannot see the valve index controllers or the base stations.

If I kill the processes for pitool.exe / pi_overlay.exe / pi_server.exe from task manager, then run Steam VR then the controllers can be seen just fine, I can pair them, update them etc. But the headset can no longer be used (of course).

How can i get the controllers running and the headset running at the same time ?!

Pi tool reports:
Current Version: V1.0.1.258
Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.260

Steam VR version 1.11.12

Windows 10
i7 8core
m2 ssd
Nvidia 2080 Super

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