Valve Releases New Proton for Cyberpunk 2077

Valve continuing to show Support for Linux & Opensource!

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VR atm is the only real reason still have a windows Gaming Machine.

This early to have Proton support in Steam Play is quite awesome.



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Just as long as you do know you have used Linux more often then you realize without knowing. :smirk:

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Oh, I always know when i’m using Linux.

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Yep pretty much with everything that has a digital interface unless it says Apple or Windows. :laughing:

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Naah… apple is Unix underneath the pretty and dumbed down graphical interface


It’s like Steve Jobs heard someone say . Linux is too hard. And he said
“Challenge Accepted!”

Jobs got there unix based OS primarily from Xerox iirc.

Linux and Apple(xerox) are unix based OSes. Much BSD and a variety of others.


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Except the Life Question is reversed. I have had to in the past re install Windows more than is reasonable or troubleshoot nasty Blue screens.

One of my old Bosses remarked about a company not needing to reboot there servers in over 5 years.

W10 has finally though fixed Install estimate to be more accurate and seems to not require as much headaches. Though the changes made to the display server did cause some interesting waste of 2 hours trying to figure out why only Gary’s mod would run fine while 3dmark and bigger games looked like a fried Graphics card.

Turned out when he shut down his multimonitor setup and moved the main pc with 1 out of 3 monitors(mismatched). That Windows didn’t reset scaling it was using to make the 3 monitors act as 1. We had to re hook up the 3 monitors and disable all but 1. Reboot and the graphic mess was fixed.

The pic you have is Unix not Linux. Linux powers Android, Smart TVs, Routers, was what was used on Original XB with Xbmc(now Kodi), Google Chrome Book.

W10 still doesn’t have a live boot so you can use the system while it installs.

If you have to give up your life to use Linux then you’ve chosen a Distro that is not meant for everyday users.


I remember my first internship where linux was required (coding and basic hardware design, lots of github etc)… Linux seemed so scary to me, but it’s wildly easier to use than windows if you go with popular distros like ubuntu. Gotta think about how much we have memorized in working with windows just to do basic things.

Gaming is really close… I’d love to switch over but there’s still a TON of devices that don’t have working linux drivers, for example my audio interface. Maybe by the time x86 dies windows will too


Just curious of your Audio interface; as majority these days are covered. With Ubuntu recall there was Ubuntu Studio for high end Audio and such folk.

Now a days there are so many really easy Linux Distros where you don’t need any special knowledge or even go near the command line. Bodhi(?) Uses just clicking on web links to install packages.

Manjaro is the Ubuntu of Arch and in quite a few areas even easier to use. Windows only recently finally went with a Rolling release model.

I have one not to tech Savy friend that I used to spend a day or 2 a month fixing his Windows PC. He finally let me 3 years ago install a linux distro. Haven’t needed to fix his pc since.

Was just a low effort post on my part for a bit of fun haha, I only know windows tbh. I’m sure other systems are good and have their uses

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One great use of having a live usb Linux is recovering files if your windows crashes badly. As you can boot off the drive and majority of times access your windows drive.

Yeah have seen fun posts in both directions.

Long ago in DOS days had a great OS fun sheet long before the first Linux release.

Most of those OSes are long gone.

So to my shock reading reddit, it should totally work. It’s a focusrite scarlett 18i20 btw, and their page mentions that they have no support for linux. However, people say it works just fine, so I may give that a go. Along with DSSI-VST for windows based vst plugin support I may be able to pull off some decent recordings and mixes.

thanks for giving me a push… I’d love to leave the instability of windows behind for music creation

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Your very welcome found this you might be interested in. Looks like a driver dev is there below.

Here was what I used for search Ardour forum looks like has some good info as well.

I have generally found Linux programmers are stubborn of finding ways to make things work.

When Oculus had canceled linux support there was a workaround that used what was out for propietary blob using Wine with the oculus sdk to fill in the blanks.(not sure if that route still works)

What’s a proton?

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Special Branch of Wine that Valve supports for installing games in Steam under Linux thar do not have native versions.