Varjo VR-3 THROUGH THE LENS Footage - Human Vision Resolution!

In this video, I recorded 4K through the lense footage of the Varjo VR-3 in the following games: Half Life Alyx, Elite Dangerous, Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator, and Asgard’s Wrath. I also recorded SteamVR menu. It was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus phone. Make sure your YouTube video option is at 4K to get the best viewing experience.


It’s so sharp I can’t even believe it oO
How is this even possible :open_mouth:

Guys sell everything you can , get this hmd asap.
Sweeviver needs one aswell :smiley:


I’ll wait for a wider FOV. Looks great though!


It actually feels very close to the VP2 with the 6mm foam when you remove the face foam from the VR-3 and add just 1/8inch thick sponge neoprene in some spots.

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Yeah, not sure I want to spend over 5k for 100 FOV. Maybe in a year or 2 more headsets will come with newer tech


Here is the video in the original vertical aspect. It took YouTube a long time to process:


Looks realy good,how do the games run?And how many steam vr sampling and what does the resolution say there?

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I’ll make a performance video soon since I’m getting that question a lot.




the price for the device is okay, but I don’t understand the subscription. can you enlighten us wad it involves?

This question comes up again and again.

The generation previous to the VR-3 was priced at I think $7.000 and, just like the VR-3 and XR-3, aimed solely at businesses.

Varjo then decided to halve the initial cost of the HMD and offset additional costs into a subscription model. This absolutely makes sense for businesses that would only want to pay for the return they actually get from utilizing VR if only just introducing it into their workflow and is a good move to gain marketshare.

You can order the HMD and also buy a lifetime subscription; this will get you closer to the actual price of the HMD of around $6.000.

Being prepared to pay $6.000-$7.000 for an HMD as a consumer makes you an absolute unicorn similar to deciding between a Peugeot Twingo and a Pagani Zonda.

I was very clear and adamant right from the first time I reported my impressions on the VR-3 in that this is not a consumer HMD and is not priced accordingly.

But I can confirm that in the end, you get what you pay for.


The Subscription is sort of like a subsidy + profit. Without it they would likely either lose money of make no money, which makes no business sense.

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If you could put a number on it how much of a difference is the vr3 image quality as compared to a 8kx or vp2?

I don’t have a VP2 so I cannot compare it to that.

Image quality in an HMD consists of so many variables including headshape of the user etc.

The FOV of the VR-3 is way lower than the 8KX.

The resolution is like comparing a 1280x720 monitor to a 4K monitor. Just compare the ppd between current high-end consumer HMD#s to the 70ppd of the VR-3 and XR-3.

I personally prefer the VR-3’s lenses to everything else I have tried because literally the entire FOV is clear without chromatic aberration or pupil swim.


Judging from what I’ve researched and seeing with @NextGenVR fantastic video released earlier it’s at least 2x better visuals if not much more. And the general consensus is that it’ll be around 3 years before this quality becomes standard.


I will wait 3 years :slight_smile: but i don’t spend that money for a vr !!


Yes, and no one in their right mind should, realistically.

Do you have Assetto Corsa? @NextGenVR be good to see brake marker distance clarity.

Picking a track and seeing how far back you can read a brake marker would be a good test for any HMD.


Varjo vr3 is awesome no doubt but look how fast technology is evolving.

Probably we won’t have anything the same for costumer in next year but I’m sure within 6-12 months we will get another new HMD, maybe with dual DP cables and way better resolution than VP2 or G2.

If I could get Pimax 8KX+ then that would be enough for me at least for few months. I could wait in peace until we will get Varjo for costumer price.

For $6000 I can switch for a new HMD every 6 months for next 3 years. And every time that would be something better, closer and closer to varjo.

And let’s not forget that with varjo you are losing thousands of dolars because of subscription. Even if you will sell HMD, nobody will return your money for sub.

I’ll wait :slight_smile:

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Great analysis


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