Version 3 prototype review

Unfortunately, without any position to the contrary on the part of Pimax, this lie now discovered about the refresh rate will make me really abandon my pledge and stick with the sansung odyssey.

Was Fruit ninja running at 90 in your opinion?

If it’s related to GPU performance I don’t see what they can do about it.
At least give us an undersampling option in Piplay and make sure that your upscaler is working with any input.

It’s hard to tell if they’ve been intentionally misleading or if it’s just the language barrier. I had to ask questions multiple times in multiple different ways in order for them to even understand what I was asking. They really need someone on the team that can speak English better. I’d offer myself but I don’t speak Chinese so not sure how much it would help.

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I have a rift and have already backed the kickstarter and will be keeping my pledge. I figure that even if they don’t end up solving all the issues worst case I can sell it to someone who wants it for bigscreen or something if I don’t like it enough over the oculus. As for elite dangerous in particular, it’s hard to tell without adding some supersampling because the jaggies were bothering me a bit even though the clarity was better

The demos were rendered at 5120x1440. I don’t know about the subpixel arrangement but the ceo gave me his email so I’ll ask him. I don’t know exactly where the 90hz problem was, it was hard to get a clear answer due to the language barrier.

Its pretty clear they DID NOT WANT to be transparent about the specific issue with 75hz since the youtube-reviewer who they sent V2 to test was forbidden to show the refresh-rate page in steamVR settings.

I really hate companies being dishonest, maybe its a cultural thing that asian market is more ok with miss-information but here in sweden at least if you are a serious company you wont lie about your product, in fact you can be prosecuted if you market something that is sold with false advertising.
I´m also quite curious about wheather some youtube-reviews are also getting paid for lying since the gap is so increadibly huge between the almost evangelical reviews some state and the more balanced/critical such as yours evertec.

If Pimax representatives would issue a statement that they are sorry they were not clear and will try in the future to be as transparent as humanly possible maybe they could repare the trust-damage done


That is a good question. Perhaps if the 75 Hz issue cannot be solved it would be best to drop the single cable 8k approach, add the scalers to the dual cable 8k X and thus have a single product that can do 1440p@90 Hz (via two DP cables) and as a bonus run with up to 2x native 4k resolution (probably with only 75 Hz then though?).

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Don’t think its a bandwidth issue otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing the same issue on the v3… unless Pimax has underestimated how much bandwidth is required to push 2x1440p.

@evertec thanks so much for your review, this has been the most informative review by far. It also made me decide to pull my pledge, which I just did. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you, I don’t have much trust left in Pimax. Besides this seems to be going down the EXACT same road as the Pimax 4k where they released a half baked product that was just not ready for release at all. I’m not up for months of frustration with this company again, all those false promises, waiting for updates that do not even work and just being left in the dark, like they left us in the dark regarding the native resolution possibility for the 4k. In fact we’re still in the dark, they never even updated anymore if it’s possible (via some external box) or not. There are still people who believe that one day it will have native 4k. I’m not one of those anymore by the way.

There is of course the possibility that this time they get it right and that they do solve all the problems mentioned in this thread (wrong geometry, refresh rate, colours, brightness, slowness) in that case I’ll just buy it when people confirm this thing actually works.

Meanwhile I’ll be looking at the Samsung Odyssey and hoping others will step up their game.

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I also don’t understand this behavior. If they would have told us that their current prototypes are running at 75 Hz but they are trying to crank this up to 90 Hz (but can’t guarantee success as some parts seem to perform below declared specs) that would have been so much more trustworthy.

If they would have been open about that I would still have pledged (having a GearVR an knowing that 75 Hz isn’t the end of the world). Now I am on the edge of quitting though because only confessing problems that were already proven makes all statements questionable where we have to rely on their word (e.g. regarding compatibility etc.). Not a comfortable situation at all. Will still wait how the next 6 days develop though.


Were they using their usual laptop to power the v3 Pimax 8K via Display Port?

According to VR Kommando, the laptop they use is called “GT73VR 7RF TITAN PRO”.


According to the specifications on the MSI website this laptop has a Mini Display Port v1.2. According to Wikipedia, the max bandwidth of Display Port v1.2 is 17.28 Gbit/s, which can only provide roughly 165 Hz (16.30 Gbit/s) maybe 170 Hz at 2560x1440. The Pimax 8K needs bandwidth of 180Hz at 2560x1440 to split it and get 90Hz to each eye. Hence, the laptop can only transmit data at 75 Hz per eye from a single display port.

It may be a language barrier creating miscommunication, which would imply that the LCD displays might be capable of 90 Hz. Did you notice a difference in the refresh rate between the v2 and the v3? The v2 with two cables will definitely have enough bandwidth to transmit 2560x1440 at 90 Hz via each cable. So if it was smooth in v2 then it would imply the display is fine and it is just the display port on the laptop to blame.

Exactly this. I also don’t know if this is Chinese culture, I think it is, but it really turns me off. Just be real from the start and if something is just impossible (like 4k on the Pimax 4k), then just tell us instead of shutting up about it. Anyway good luck to everybody else who is still backing, I really hope they solve their issue’s, in that case I’ll just buy it when it’s for sale.

BTW, also I need to mention that I live on a small island in the caribbean, i just cant resell it on ebay as easily as everybody else. If I could just sell it easily I might still have taken the gamble.

If I understood correctly. Evertec said it tested on a Desktop with a 1080.

yep. At this point i would say they have 4-5 days to hire someone who can communicate the situation clearly and do so.

Lets be realistic about consequences here. They are still going to hit their kick-starter goal. But using kickstarter as a means for promotion is a double edged sword. This will be a story on every vr web outlet. And if they dont resolve it by launch then the company name is irreparably damaged.


I think Pimax need to come out and give an honest statement on the issue of 75hz debacle. We still have a few days to go before the kick starter ends, I its not clear, then I too will pull the plug on my pledge.

Honestly, they already have a solution in the form of the design for the 8k x.

Worst case
What they could do to reassure people is say that if the default 8k cannot run at 90 hz by christmas they will basically delay the release 2 months and make the core design function like an 8k x .

If they really lied so far about the refresh rate(so far no explanation), I will not believe anything else they assure.

If that’s the case, then I don’t know what the issue could be. I am pretty sure desktop versions of the GTX 1080 use at least Display Port v1.3 which is more than enough.

I would have to cancel my order if the max is 75 Hz. I get motion sickness at 75 Hz.

I hate to be “that guy”, but please stop abusing the word “exponential” :slight_smile:

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The issue is covered in the review

’ He said something about supply chain issues, that the display processing board said in the specs that it could do 4k at 90hz but they were having issues running it at more than 75 at the 5120x1400 input resolution. It seems like they are quoting 90 when asked in faith that they will work out the issue. Hopefully they do, but it’s a risk to consider as the kickstarter nears funding. ’

Simply put the board is not performing as they expected.