Very poor Lighthouse packaging

Very poor Lighthouse packaging

As found on Reddit

These are delicate devices. This is unacceptable and cannot continue. I don’t even have any Lighthouses on order and I am enraged by this.

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I would be happy if mine would even arrive :slight_smile:


I tend to agree. Plus from what others have said LHes are Robust not delicate as I recall @Cdaked mentioned observing a kid knocking over a one that took a hard fall and worked fine(that was a v1 with more moving parts than a v2)

I would be happy to receive my Lighthouses as well bubblewrap and a plain brown box.

You didn’t need to find it on reddit as there is pics from a few months ago on the forum.

…But it was the Lighthouse’s tripod that fell straight as a tree and took the worst of the blow, the Lighthouse withstood the whiplash of the vibration.


Even still the method pimax “cheaped” out on the packaging can’t see them sustaining damage from being “tossed” around. Something loose inside was likely like that when shipped or had a piece already loose.

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The original Valve’s packaging for single basestation is pretty big box (you might think it is either two of them, or a headset) where the BS is exactly in the middle. I believe it is to protect the base from the shocks/blows it may suffer when tossed.

The picture OP posted does not provide that, especially where the base is directly leaning on the box side. I would imagine, if you drop the package on this side, it will receive the direct blow. While you are right that the v2.0 LHs are simpler they still have moving parts and aligned optics, and I would not trust that this packaging can protect them sufficiently.

Maybe the fact that people are receiving them with defects is related to this.

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Not good, those basestations are pricey to just slap them in the box like that.

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