Video pass-through in SteamVR for hand tracking module

The only thing i miss in the Pimax, coming from the HTC Vive is the Video feed from the camera, to quick check the surroundings, whithout having the take the headset off.
So I was wondering if there is a way to get the images from the two infrared cams from the Leap Motion Module as video pass-through inside the Pimax HMD while using SteamVR or inside the Pimax Experience, jut like with the Vive. As it is possible with the normal Leap Motion:



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No i found no way to pass the Video from the Hand Tracking Module into SteamVR.

There was am interesting discussion going on about this here, but they kind of scoff at using the HT camera for anything. Personally, I found the Vive camera and find the LeapMotion feed that you can see in the “Diagnostic Visualizer” to be more than adequate for locating my drink or keyboard. Or cat.
Imho, it’s a real shame that there doesn’t seem to be any interest in making this resource available to us.

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