Video(s) Showcasing Pimax 5k+ Issues

hello all,

I currently have 2 issues with my Pimax 5k+. Both are showcased in noted video. The left panel has a speck of dust inside the panel which though hard to see in video, if u look closely when I mention it being just above the highest mountain peak with gas giant in background, it is noticeable. Of course, when wearing the headset it is much more noticeable, and though likely not a showstopper, it may be a QC finding that could be easily caught prior to release for shipment.

The second issue is the more prevalent Horizontal Sparkle Grid. This issue started about a week or so ago, following upgrade to latest PiTool/Firmware. Though it seemed progressive in that it gradually got worse and now is very noticeable in all hz settings/configurations I have tried with the HMD. Note, when I look at an empty view (black screen), the sparkle grid is not there, thus it may tied to something specific to render when there is something/anything in the view space.

Note, I have an open ticket on the Sparkle Grid issue and awaiting dialog with Pimax tech support to troubleshoot, though wanted to put this up, mainly for the video so others can see and if anyone has similar issue(s)?

I recommend submitting a support ticket. @PimaxQuorra

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Indeed, i have a ticket opened as of last week. Awaiting dialog with tech support to troubleshoot/decide if RMA and/or other options.

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Please post ticket number

I could post ticket number, but not comfortable posting on open forum, given it is key reference point for dialog on issue with Pimax tech support.

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You could also send a pm to Pimaxquorra or email here

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thanks, i looped Calvin into the open ticket and its email thread.