View moves in and out as I pan

Hi all. I’ve had my 8KX for a few days now and slowly trying to work out some issues.
I use it mainly for FS2020 and am using 1 v1 light house.

What I have noticed when I look left or right the view zooms out a little. When I return my view to the front the dash moves towards me ever so slightly. Its’ not much but noticeable, and it kind of breaks the immersion and brings on a little motion sickness.

I’ve seen this now in FS2020 and HLA. ( haven’t played many other titles to see if it happens on others). But it doesn’t seem to be the case in Skyrim VR.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this ?


I only use 1 v1 light house. I’ve played both FS2020 and HLA without seeing what you describe, but I haven’t played either recently (in the last few weeks). You might want to rerun Room Calibration in PiTool (and maybe again in SteamVR if it still isn’t fixed). Good luck!


Thank you. I am also using just one v1 base station.
I’ll rerun the calibration and see if it improves.

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Could this be just barrel distortion that you’re experiencing?


By “looking” do you mean turning your head (and keep staring forward), or just moving your eyes, without moving the headset?


Thanks. I don’t think so, otherwise the side of the plane would move in also, but it doesn’t. It only happens when I look forward.

Thanks. To be clear, I mean turning my head and eyes at the same time.

Alright then, and do you observe the same effect when you just do one thing or the other? (I.e. either just move your head, or move your eyes).

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Any time I pan my head I see this effect. There is only a limited amount I can move my eyes without my head moving of course. And the picture moves out of the “sweet spot”.
It feels like the tracking is wrong, and that I’m physically moving forward when I look directly in front of me. Only by a few cms, but it’s certainly noticeable.

The two factors usually cause such an effect:

  1. Wrong IPD set. Check that your IPD is set correctly and that you do not have set any offsets anywhere (PiTool, SteamVR). By “correctly” I mean at the nominal value your real IPD is. So if your real IPD is for example 67 mm, set the headset to show you 67 mm.

  2. Wrong eye relief. This is more difficult to address, so I would first start by 1), but if 1) checks out and you still do not see any improvement, try experimenting with the eye relief (the distance of the pupil from the lens). The only way to modify it is to try face cushion of different widths (if you have any), or go being creative.

There is also a possibility that there is a manufacturing defect, but I would first try the two things I mentioned above if only to see whether you can somehow impact the effect you observe or if it persists without any change.


Thanks. I know I don’t have the IPD set correctly. Is there a good step by step on how it should be done ?
I find i adapt very quickly to incorrect IPD, it doesn’t seem to bother me from 60 to 67 ish The all look and feel find after about 2 seconds.
Is it possible to have a test pattern to aid in setting this correctly ? It seems very difficult to set offsets by feel. If that is how it’s done.

The distance from the lens could be an issue for me. I find the optical sweet spot is just a little wider than where I look when looking straight ahead. Turning my head slightly to the right lines up my left eye, but not the right. And visa versa.

To eliminate the potential impact on your “view anomaly” I would suggest to simply set your nominal value. If you do not know it, you can measure it with a ruler and mirror (or there are supposed to be some mobile apps as well, though I never used one).

Once you set it this way, you may find out that the lenses are set much further apart than your eyes. It is supposed to be this way, so, just for the sake of the view validation, ignore it. This setup leads to “one eye in focus, one eye not” dichotomy.

I guess you mean, while looking ahead in the virtual space, you turn you head slightly, but still look at the same virtual spot so effectively looking slightly aside in the headset. This is because in nominal IPD configuration the lenses are not centered on the pupils (as I wrote above).

THanks risa2000 for the explanation.
I understand what you are saying, but clearly don’t understand the advantage of having one eye in focus and the other not.

I did a few tests with different positions, but really ended up with what I had. The thicker stock foam pad.

What I did try is 9dof instead of tracking. And this allowed me to pan my head without the picture moving in and out. I then went to 2 base stations and this also worked much better.
I noticed that when I turned my head far enough that I lost one station the picture moved a little. But moving back the other way it was fine.

I was hoping that I would only need one station for seated sim flying, but it appears I will need 2 to avoid this issue. Or perhaps a better position for the single. I’ll experiment more.

Thanks again.

Yes, what you are experiencing was caused by momentary loss of tracking. It happens to me when I’m too close to one of my base stations in my seated position at the beginning of a VR session. It is strange but what I found is that if I move back to a position within good view of both base stations the headset will “lock-in” tracking so that when I move close to the one base station again, the tracking issue no longer happens. I have found that this works every time for me.

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