Vision 8K Plus disaster

Vision 8K Plus disaster

I received my 8K plus yesterday{ for a discounted price because my 5K XR was one big disaster from the start and finally broke down completely.}
After spending with buying and import duties over 2000 USD I was hoping that the 8K Plus was better…
Answer: Nooo
Games are 95 percent of the case not loading and have a bad picture.
Prepar3d V4 and 5 started one time with big black stripes in the headset, after that no start at al. only on the main display
I have teh lates Pitool version V1.0.1258 and the drivers for the hardware,
After 2 days fighting I disconnected it and put it back in the box.
I will continue with my Oculus Rift and are mad on myself for stinking in the second time in buying this from Pimax.
My Pc is strong enough to handle it so that’s not the reason.
Arie de Bruijn