Visiting this Forum Caused my Computer to Stop Responding

I experienced yesterday after logging into this forum that my computer while reading posts began to have glitches and i would temporary loose responsiveness. No other sites i have visited i have encountered this problem. And again today same thing. I have alway supported Pimax and this forum but if this continues i will never log in again. Just want others to be aware. It took me some time to get my computer to respond normally. Had to run several cleaners and found registry errors. I don’t know if the site is being hacked could you please check on this? and has anyone else experienced such behavior visiting here?

@PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @Heliosurge @SweViver

No, just the usual filter delay with pages from China.

Never experienced anything like that.


Yes, its strange maybe i was being singled out. Or targeted makes someone go paranoid very quickly.

Just visit a few natural film sites for a change. Then the observation lies on a new culprit. :rofl:

Thanks dstar for letting me know the forum is still usable for others and i hope so but i would like a response from an official that at least my concern is being looked into, that would be nice and appreciated.

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They should pack the packages!
It is much more important :wink:

That would be funny if it were possible but this is the only site i have had this issue with.

We will look into it and let you know.

I’ve seen pages load slowly before and even occasionally need to re-log back in but have not yet experienced a computer related freeze as a result.

I will mention your issue to the web engineer to check and see if any scripts could potentially cause an issue like yours.


Thank you PimaxUSA for your work and responding it is most appreciated.

Probably you have a weak CPU or already infected PC from something else and when you visit resource heavy sites, they cause your PC to freeze up. Try visiting other resource heavy sites and see if the problem is there.

Thank you for the suggestion but this is entirely impossible and no other heavy site have i had difficulties with and since these days with VR and my other interests i pretty much live around my computers and know there capablilities and this is a High End Main Gear computer and should not be happening. I have had this computer for a few years now and i can that something similiar if ever has almost never happened where i could pin point it to one site in particular and it looks like here it goes again. Now it could be a windows microsoft issue in combination with this site but the fact is that no other site that i have visited has the same symptoms so I’m serious and concern about this because i enjoy visiting this site and if my contribution’s seem small to you well maybe someone else doesn’t think so. :expressionless:

Try using CCleaner to clear the cache on Google chrome. And then also click “About” page on Chrome to make sure its updated to the latest version.

Do you get this problem with other browsers like Firefox?

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Admins this is a troll / scam thread. I’ve seen the same exact wording posted on the IL2 forums. I suggest you close / lock this thread.

@Fresco is a frequent visitor of this forum as You can tell by his contributions, so if that’s the case, someone “lent” his userid:

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Not a troll as DrWilken has posted. I’ve been around here longer than you have and given greater support as well to Pimax. So your statement is rediculous and should be removed.

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Again thank you for the suggestion, i have already used cleaners as stated earlier. In addition I’ve just spent some time searching all over reddit and even as far as visiting the Oculus subreddit and did not experience any disfunction over there.

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What browser are you using? Have you tried other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc?

Can you provide a link(s) to where you saw the exact same wording? Need some proof to back up your claim.

Odd, haven’t experienced that yet with Discourse forums.

Hacks would rather try to stay hidden instead of slowing down your computer until you can notice it, so it’s more likely some kind of bug.

@PimaxQuorra , @Heliosurge : Apparently the forum still runs on Discourse 2.4.5. According to the Discourse blog 2.5 fixes a whole number of bugs (and security issues), so you might want to update.
Perhaps this also fixes the problem for @Fresco?