Vive 2.0 base stations - 8kx won't recognize second station?

I setup 2 vive 2.0 base stations for my 8KX. Both stations are about 5 feet from the headset (I only play seated, flight simulators). One is situated 30 degrees off my front right, the other is 20 degrees off my rear left. So looking down, clock positions 2 & 7. Both are about 6 feet off the floor, tilted down.

Steam VR only ever sees one station at a time, and sometimes this creates a really strange spinning effect in the headset. Shouldn’t it see, and show both? I only see one in the Steam VR program window. Do I have to setup channels or anything?

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Try using the channel settings as there likely both set to same channel.

See @risa2000 post