Vive Cosmos controllers not pairing wit Pitool

Hello fellow VR People/Pimax, I have a Pimax 8k headset but …
After more than a year of waiting, see product [Pimax base station and wireless controllers with thumbstick or trackpad] I was now temporarily forced to purchase the Cosmos vive controllers and one base station vive 2.0.
Well, the problem is, the base station and Pimax 8k works when installed/pairing in Pitool, but not the Cosmos controllers if you use PITOOL pimax
The problem is that the controllers are not displayed in PITOOL Pimax/ for pairing and the controllers are not linked.
They don’t want anything to happen…
My question now is, who has the same pairing problem and can not use the Vive cosmos controllers!?

Help I need it for study /adobe/ work and want to use my pimax 8K for grow for the VR community >> with the controllers after almost 2 years for now :))

The PSP VR is fine but level up…i can not wait more.

Please respond if someone agrees with this
Friendly thanks :slight_smile:

Michel from Amsterdam
PS And see also my first project,s one youtube> stayvr (without testing/working with a VR headset…)

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Vive Cosmos Controllers are tracked by cameras on the headset.

These controllers are not compatible with Steamvr tracking.

If you bought a LH v2.0 you need Vive wands v2.0(blue) or index controllers.


Hi Heliosurge,
i did research but find nothing about that… >Vive Cosmos Controllers are tracked by cameras on the headset…to bad… and al the other controllers where sold out that time.

Thanks for your feedback,

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Yeah sorry about that. Makes it hard when a brand usually has LH tracking. Cosmos has it coming but makes it a bit odd in the line up. Surprised controllers sold separately. As not sure if they have the Steamvr add on plate out yet.

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