Vive Facial tracker - Pimax Support?

The Vive Facial tracker just released and it looks amazing!

@Pimax Could we possibly look forward to a bracket that makes it fit to the Pimax? The connection of the Facial tracker is just USB C and could easily be plugged into the Pimax.
I really want this for VRC! This would definitely make me buy the eye tracker module too.

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Pimax can develop whatever they want, but in their infinite wisdom HTC have decided to only make the face tracker compatible with their Vive Pro.

So it absoutely isn’t just another USB device, it is specifically locked to their enterprise product.

In turn it isn’t even supported by their B2C Cosmos products and absolutely not supported to work with other manufacturer’s products, including Index, Pimax etc. Hell, it isn’t even supported for the OG Vive.

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That is sad to hear. From where do you have the information that it is not working by plugging it into any old USB C ?

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I don’t see any info in this article which says it would not work with other headsets.

Check the HTC SDK part. HTC are going the proprietary way, just as they did for their wireless adapter.

The topic has been discussed on r/vive yesterday.

Oh I almost bought this today

Someone on twitter confirmed that the Vive Facial tracker works independently.

There’s also some talk that the gopro mount works for it. I should get both today, I‘ll update tonight if everything works. :slight_smile:


Pimax is not able to make their own modules compatible with their headsets, and you ask them to support an htc device ?

This has not much to do with Pimax. This is all about if the Vive Facial tracker checks if it is plugged into the Vive pro or not.

Unfortunately the facial tracker did not arrive today as stated in the tracking estimate. I‘ll update tomorrow.

It does ! Pimax didn’t include an internal usb hub that can detect their own products, so I wonder how it could detect an HTC device…

Well it looks like it works with any headset. Unofficial pimax facial tracking module. :grinning:

Which is funny because had Pimax actually promised us a facial tracker we likely would be waiting until 2023 and it probably wouldnt work.


Great, just ordered mine. Not that I have a way to mount it to my Pimax, nor do I spend much if any time in VR chat rooms but gotta have shiny thingy


Hello, i tried today to run the Facial Tracker on my 8k+.

At first i taked off the Comfort Kit and was very lucky, the Cable fits !
BUT, the USB-C port inside the Pimax does not work for the Facial Tracker. I took off the Motion Leap Tracker and tryed the inside port again with no good results. The USB-C Port under the Pimax works for the Facial Tracker but you have the Problem that the Cable is infront of the Camera and you can only use Leap Motion or The Facial Tracker but not both .

Would be great when a Firmware Update can fix the Problem of the inside Port not working for it.


What a surprise ! I’d never expect this :thinking:
Irony apart, I’m just curious : don’t the facial tracker obstruct hand tracking cameras (without the cable thing) ?

I tried my Facial Tracker on Pimax 8KX today. The camera is not being detected on mine. It only has the bottom USB port so can’t check a different port.

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Other USB 3.0 devices do work on the port?

Don’t know, I don’t own any devices with such a connector. Well that’s not true, the Pimax eye tracker but I will check later.

(This is a RMA headset so I have not checked the port with the eye tracker yet on this headset)

Ok this sucks.

My experience with my 8KX and Facial Tracker.

  • Facial Tracker gets recognized when plugged directly into pc. Green LED on FT lights up and driver gets installed.

  • Pimax Eye Tracker gets recognized when plugged into 8KX.

  • Facial Tracker does nothing when plugged into 8KX.

What a bummer, is this a USB 2.0 problem maybe?

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Same problem with 5k+ and Hand Tracking. Pimax included a bad cheap usb.

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