VKB Teases new Throttles!

What the heck is this? It looks like they turned the Gladiator NXT on its side ? What the heck?

Apparently the angled sticks is meant for space sims

Heres a video of the whole family in case you missed it

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So that angled stick is for HOSAS and someone actually has a similar project

another one showing how it might work


They should finally get the right throttle ready, which I’ve been waiting for 4 years. :joy:

Yoi mean the TECS Throttle?

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jepp… in the meantime, i think, it must be version 4 or 5 :rofl: :joy:

But it is ok, i love my own modified g940 throttle.
I would only have to tinker something for the flaps and landing gear. Although, thanks to VR and PointCtrl, not that important either.

I assume you are referring to this
PointCTRL, VR mouse emulator for DCS World - YouTube

Its a nifty idea but shouldn’t this be possible with the hand tracking unit?

This is what Tinker Pilot is doing