Voice attack and voice packs

Has anyone managed to get Voice attack and voice packs working on elite dangerous
i very much wont to play this in vr but having to keep removing the head set to press landing gear . docking . and all the other 100 commands lol dont appeal to me
so i come across this software looks cool lots of ppl on utube as got it working
i have the William Shatner pack

please please can some one jimmy fix it for me lol

at the moment all ive been able to do is the landing gear . i say landing gear the voice in the ship says landing gear up or down it works but the blue light stays on not letting you go in to hiperdrive so you still got to press that pesky button
ppl say you have to put each command in your shelf one by one but the website i got the voice pack says i can import the profile . but i dont know

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The reason it’s not working for you are your key bindings. On the latest HTC voice packs you can just say ‘import my binds’ and it should grab the elite dangerous binds configuration file and import them but if that does not work you can do it one by one.

But basically key presses need to match what you have in elite dangerous.

Here is the ‘manual’ simple method for you.

Open the voice attack profile and at the bottom of the profile is a search box. Type ‘landing gear’ and it should show you the voice attack command.
In that command will be the action ‘press key for period of time’ it will also tell you ‘which key its pressing’ - that’s the important bit!

Now open your elite dangerous and check your key binding for landing gear and make sure that voice attack is pressing the same key!

Once you have done this with all of your bindings, then you can look at the actual voice recognition part of the app.


I have the VA and I bought the Verity since they are out,
they have the profile from time to time, but the key bindings need to update and match your own, so I would still suggest having all the common command design by your own

Please advise if this thread has answered your question and can be resolved now?



Ya . I can’t get it working I’ll just use va on it’s own with out the pack