VoodooDE: Stretch Goal Package Unboxing

@VoodooDE receives the Stretch Goal Package… :wink:


Anyone else a little vexed about how many Pimax headsets he has in the background?


Not really. Thomas was one of the beta testers of the original headsets during the Kickstarter campaign… :wink:

As he mentions he even had the hand tracking module for years.

It’s mounted on one of the headsets as far as I remember.


Yes, it’s on the top row, 4th from the left.

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D’OH…! :smiley: Didn’t even see that. It’s right there on the thumbnail for the video… :smiley:

Just remembered I had seen it on his wall before… :smiley:

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Look at that huge crack on the Pimax headset at the right of the shelf :hear_no_evil: :scream_cat:

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Will attach the audio strap and test the Eye tracking soon


Hi Thomas.

Just a note as I also wrote as a comment on YouTube on Your new video.

You received the KDMAS as You also mention, but that’s not the same as the DMAS which will be sold/sent to pre-order customers.

It’s a “special” version (apparently with “special” sound) just for the Kickstarter backers.

I linked to Your YouTube video here:

P.S. I’m not blaming You. It just seems that Pimax didn’t inform You very well (that’s a first) or You missed some info? :smiley:


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