VorpX and 8KX a dream (for me anyways)

I bought VorpX about 3 years ago when using the OG vive but the reduction of resolution that it more often than not resulted in made it not really worth the trouble of fiddling around with. But about 2 weeks ago I thought I’d give it another go with my 8KX and I since then I’ve spent virtually every single spare moment on it fiddling around with all my old games. If you haven’t already tried and you have a large library of the old classics it’s really worth playing with. It’s brought a whole new dimension to my 8KX. Each game requires some tinkering but it’s all fun because virtually every different setting creates a new perspective on the game. Would highly recommend cranking up the 3D geometry re-construction to the max on a game and after giving your eyes a moment to adjust makes you feel like looking at a world of little men. This works fantastic in both first and second person games. If you’ve got Splinter Cell Chaos Theory try that to see what I mean - it’s amazing!!


Similar history here - bought VorpX with the OG vive but never got much traction using it. Would you care to share any tips on setup for the 8KX? I’d love to check out Splinter Cell as you mention.

Apologies for the delay getting back but been a busy couple of weeks and every second spare spent with Vorpx. I’m planning on getting writing up what I’ve learnt in a bit of detail and I’ll post it here hopefully shortly. But regarding SplinterCell, the ones I’m playing with are Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. Pandora Tomorrow is the most fiddle game to get working because you also need something called DGVoodoo2 (google and you will find the instructions). I wouldn’t recommend staring here with VorpX though as it may put you off unless you are desperate to play it. Chaos Theory works really well though. Conviction also works very well but isn’t my type of game.

The top quick tip though would be to try to get what ever game you are playing to be set up for 4K. Even if you haven’t got a 4K monitor (like me) you can do this by right clicking on the desktop and opening your Nvidia Control Panel and there’s an option in their for giving you other resolutions even if your monitor doesn’t support them natively. If the game then supports 4k you will get the options to set it in game - and then it will displayed at 4K in your headset which counteracts the problem of VorpX reducing the resolution - the games then look amazing in the 8KX (comparable to an HD monitor).

Now this might sound stupid but can someone tell me where this thread is posted? I can only find it by searching past postings I’ve made and that only brings it up but does not show a path to it or give an indication where it lives. I’m sure I posted it in either Games or the 8KX sections but I can’t find it in either of those!! It doesn’t even come up for me if I search VorpX generally - only when I search my postings (driving me crazy trying to find it)!