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I’ve been using vorpX almost since the day I got my 5K+, and it’s been extremely good, especially for older titles and especially for older titles for which a G3D profile exists (i.e. Fallout 3).

Suggestion: I’m fairly sure Ralf (vorpX creator, coder, etc.) does not have a Pimax and he really needs to get one. I would be incredibly helpful to everyone if Pimax would send him a top-end HMD. He’s got everything else he needs, but the HMD. Maybe he could re-code vorpX so it would not require PP.

Recent Results: Other than older titles that run well, I have played a few newer titles as well, including Cyberpunk currently. My GPU is a factory overclocked 3080 Ti that runs just over 2GHz. My CPU is a 5900x. Outer Worlds runs extremely well and is great in full VR mode (head tracking is slightly wonky, but you can get used to it.) Greedfall is also extremely good and runs well.

General Findings: Older titles with good AA methods will look great and run well at lower resolutions with excellent clarity. For example, F03 with regular AA methods is very crisp from 2560x1440 up. Rendering the game at 4K is best, but at least in older titles that use good AA it won’t be necessary. Newer title that use crappy blurry AA, such as TAA (Terrible Anti Aliasing) will, unfortunately, require you to push every possible pixel and turn up the vorpX sharpening as much as you can possibly stand. Otherwise they are just a horrible blurry soft-focus mess. This means that it’s much harder to get newer titles to run well than it should be, since you are essentially being forced to overcome limitations of ‘modern’ AA methods that look awful by brute-forcing more resolution that you would otherwise need. Keep that in mind. I’m barely managing 36fps/72hz out of Cyberpunk (Ultra RT settings) at just under 4K, Z3D, and DLSS at “Quality” setting. It looks very good that way, but obviously that’s only good enough for Virtual Cinema mode, way too slow for full VR.

Recent Issues: A) I do not know exactly when this issue occurred as I made a number of nearly simultaneous changes to my setup, but I think the problem is current versions of PiTool. Let’s say I’m 75% sure of that: I can no longer use Pimax’s own Motion Smoothing (Brainwarp) with any title through vorpX. I used to be able to turn on Motion Smoothing and use it if I preferred. Now I am limited to using the built-in vorpX Motion Smoothing methods. They are pretty good, but occasionally I found a title where Pimax’s own Motion Smoothing seemed better. I would love to be able to use that again. Has anyone else using vorpX noticed this same issue? B) Recent updates to either PiTool or vorpX, or a combination of the two, has caused more weird screen-tearing and sync-issues than I used to get. I often have to leave significant performance on the table because many titles won’t work properly if I push the GPU much above 90%. Other titles are fine (Greedfall, for example, I can run through vorpX pegged at 100% GPU usage and all is fine.)

I would be great if Pimax would reach out to Ralf to try and work through some of these issues, as vorpX is key to bringing so much of the gaming universe to our HMDs.


He does… Well at least he did at some point it seems… :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, he’s supported the Pimax HMDs for a while, but I was under the impression that he didn’t actually own one. Come to think of it, I don’t really know why I had that impression firmly in my mind. It’s possible I read it somewhere on his forums, maybe.


I somehow had/have a feeling about the opposite… :rofl:

I think he had/has an og 5K+/8K.

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I bought vorpX for playing F1 2020
But for some reason you had to turn the graphics pretty low for the 3D effect to work
And not because my computer can’t take the load
So that was kind of disappointing then I rather race on my Beamer
I did qualify on pole position and won my first race playing it in vr so will try it again when it’s able to run with nice visuals

A new version of vorpX is slated for release in just a few days (barring unforeseen delays). Ralf has used AMD FidelityFX to handle upscaling and sharpening in the new version. AMD FideltyFX Enabled in SteamVR (open source project) - vorpX - VR 3D-Driver for Oculus Quest, Rift, Valve Index and other PCVR headsets

A couple early screen-shots do show a sharper result with this upcoming update.


This new version of vorpX with FideltyFX sharpening looks really good to me. I think the overall clarity without introducing over-sharpening-artifacts is definitely better. It does not actually use the upscaling function; Ralf has used the sharpening portion only, essentially replacing the previous sharpening method that vorpX used. At least, that’s my understanding of the situation. Looks good, give it a try!

I’m also able to use Brainwarp motion smoothing with vorpX again when I desire to do so, so one of these latest updates fixed that issue for now.


still the only way to experience SC in the HMD. But I really hate getting stuck on the windshield. The maximum FOV of 120 degrees delivered by the game is simply too small for the Pimax. :frowning:

I’ve been experiencing some new issues recently with my 5K+ and vorpX; extreme flickering and sync issues in some games and refresh rates (also depends on the vorpX Sync mode) with the latest combinations of PiTool/Firmware/Vorpx and would like to test older versions of PiTool.

I’m having trouble finding a repository of older PiTool and Firmware versions; I’ve found several threads, but many dead links. Is there a currently active/maintained thread where I can reliably download older versions?


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