VR Compare comparison website

Hey I found out about this site, and it seems to be getting quite popular. It has all the info on all hmds ever made

I wonder if @risa2000 might be able to contribute to.

The site creator’s email address is there

It seems to be missing a few Pimax variants


It seems that the “technical specs” related to the field of view, and pixels per degree, were most of the time taken from the marketing info, or calculated by using a wrong formula and are not correct. I could only verify few, but I would approach the rest with the same caution.

Apart from that I guess it is not a bad idea to keep a reference to all headsets.


Yes that’s why I thought of you when I heard about the website. They could use a collaborator :slight_smile:

accuracy is important.

I like the ui though , being able to compare the headsets side by side is a nice touch


Well, hmdgdb is public (https://risa2000.github.io/hmdgdb/). They may use it as long as they comply with the license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/).

hmdq tools (https://github.com/risa2000/hmdq) are also public, so they could use them as well, if they want.


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