VR Experience X Pimax Survey

Dear Community

As part of our ongoing effort to provide better services and support,we’d love to request your feedback via short online survey. It will only take about 2mins to complete.

Click the following link or scan the QR code to participate in the questionnaire:


The result of the survey will contribute to our upcoming projects.

Thank you very much for taking the time to participate in our survey!



:wink: :wink: Fill out the questionnaire when you passing the post

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I’ll reply when you send me my DMAS ordered in 2019

oh that’s will be soon maybe

I think you should have also included an option to list what needs improvement. That’s very important feedback for any company :wink:

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Lol@« maybe »

« Maybe » I’ll preorder another Pimax product…. Or « maybe » not.
Maybe next time I’ll pay for my order 2 years after I receive it… or not… depends on the weather…