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Hi Everybody, remember that VR Game X Pimax Poll?

According to the results of voting and the game you’ve recommended, We have recently spoken with some DeVs, trying to work something out. The recent projects included DCS World, Xplane, Automobilista2, The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners, Codemasters(DiRT Rally 2.0、 Project CARS 2),IRacing, etc.

Unfortunately, there were few DeVs, we couldn’t retrieve any further information from them.

If you are able to provide any relevant contact information, this would definitely help us to achieve great success in this project.
You can contact us via PM (hammerhead gal) or drop us an email at esther.zhang@pimax.com


Thanks - this is some good news. Any luck trying to contact Asobo regarding MSFS at all?


Have spoken to MSFS, but unfortunately they are not interested in any collaboration project atm

yeah ,Abosulutly right :pleading_face:…do you know some modders?

This is incredibly disappointing as Asobo has maintained that its up to Pimax to fix wide fov support in Flight Sim 2020 and Pimax has maintained that is up to Asobo to fix it meanwhile were left with no solution going forward…

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The modder of Quake 1 vr actually tried to contact Pimax before, to get help with implementing “no need for paralel projections”. You can try to contact him back, his details are in link:

Also, I already wrote that you may contact developer of IL-2 ( il2sturmovik.com - there is customer support), and you may together investigate why game stops when we use foveated rendering.
You may contact the boss himself, on their forum: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/13-jason_williams/

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Microsoft is only interested in the XBox compatibility and Asobo follows the request. Its a shame

Thank you very much,We 'll try it

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@hammerhead_gal @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra

Dear Pimax, please be sure to contact quickly Laminar Research.
XPlane 12 is currently in development and it promises to receive a massive graphical update.
Maybe the code is not yet completed and it is not too late to take the necessary steps to run WideFOV HMDs in XP12 without parallel projection .

New Previews of the Next-Generation of X-Plane – FSElite


Thanks for your imformation~ good news is we’ve gotten contact with Xplane


hi beautiful, it is me again :slight_smile:

Something very important for Pimax is happening right now in VR community; the creator of VR version of AMD Openvr_FSR, is trying to add full native support for Pimax headsets!

Up to now he made calculation for center of displays in PP=on mode. This is very important for foveated rendering in AMD tool. The next issue is how to calculate center of displays in PP=off mode.
The whole story is described here.

Can you please ask some Pimax engineers to take a look on findings there, and maybe on Fholgers code? It would be very nice to directly contact Fholger, he might have right questions for you.
I was helping him with testing, but my coding knowledge is way too low for this issue.

Many guys were checking this tool in different VR games, and there is a big potential in reducing hardware requirements (those very expensive GPUs).
I am already using Openvr_FSR in current state, but with a little push from Pimax there will be sure many happy people on this forum :wink:


Thanks for your imformation!!

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