VR hair (without middle landing strip)


My hair was bad from VR for a long time. I had to do something about it…

Written explanation; I modded top strap in 2 parts:

  1. Top back is actually holding HMD in position. Part is reused from cheap china strap.
  2. Top front is “wireframe” part, just slightly touching my hair. Also reused part from my workshop, connected with cable ties.

Me happy again :slight_smile:


I was totally thinking something inappropriate based on the topic title. :rofl:


Heyyy, it seems like a great idea to me, although not to avoid disheveled, I already have little hair, but I have always thought that the upper strap should be rotated and adjustable, that would give the HMD less wobble and allow to set the appropriate angle of vision for each without having to tighten the strap and crush the face of the HMD. Can you take more photos or give details? I think it is something that I will carry out. Where did you get that rigid adjustable strap?

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The strap is called on aliexpres “Oculus quest halo strap”, cca 20€. But you can make your parts, just make back part to hold your HMD, and make front part as a bridge.
Take care that you need to move strap up when putting on/off. Do not make it too rigid.

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