Vr.. in bed.. how?

does anyone know a better way to orient the playspace so it can be used lying down? i am rotating the lighthouses atm…

i believe you are a pioneer here. I’ve never in 4 years thought about doing that with lighthouses.

In virtual desktop you can just drag the screen on top of you or lock the screen to your head.

There’s always OpenVR Advanced Settings. It will let you orient it however you want

Planning some late night “movie” watching are we?


I use OpenVR Advanced settings and do sleep in VR on the couch sometimes. (Vrchat)

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ive tried advanced settings… i couldnt find a pitch setting. i will try again. thank you!

cool, i’ve been wanting to be able to do that. now i just need a strap that does not have the dammed knob on the back.

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Looks real comfy! I use the standard strap of the 5k+ so no knob on the back of the head hehehe

you could always use the original pimax cloth strap.

did you get one with the 8kx? because i did not.

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No, I don’t think any of the “final” 8KXs shipped with the old cloth strap. It actually wasn’t that bad, especially if you add a counterweight.

Unfortunately, I think a counterweight would be as annoying as a knob, so you’ll probably want to omit that.

i didn’t personally felt a need for a counter weight, but the again i might gave felt different if i tried one. anyway i kinda miss the convenience of the cloth strap but i do not miss having to fiddle around with earphones.

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yeah for a while i actually switched back to the cloth strap as it was actually more comfortable for me than the DAS mod.

Only reason i switched back was that wearing over ear headphones or earbuds we’re even less comfortable.

So you had one before?

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returned with the loaner.

lol… should have kept the strap. Maybe contact them and they will send it back,

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these days it feels like it would be faster to breed my own nylons and weave my own strap than buying one from Pimax.