VR Oasis Varjo Headset


That’s practically double the price of a StarVR One with a lower FOV than the Reverb G2.


He bought it for $450, so not really.

I’m actually contemplating ordering the XR-3 or VR-3, 115 degress FOV is nothing to sneer at.


Right, just ordered the VR-3.

Will report how it fares once it gets here which will take a couple of weeks from what I gather.


Wow, you really spent $4000 euros. I think after the 1 year subscription expires, you might need to renew it to use the headset.

Also I think I remember reading somewhere that the human eye resolution is only based on demos and developed applications and that for VR games its 4K resolution. Or maybe that was a different bionic headset that MRTV reviewed.

Anyways, I’d be curious to know how much sharper the Varjo is in VR games compared to the 8KX. And also some games like beat saber might not render properly.


I only every race in VR so Beat Saber isn’t an issue.

I ordered it through my company and we actually research quite a lot how or designers can better work together off-site, so the price isn’t exactly relevant.

How the subscription works we will see, but if it works as well as advertised I don’t mind the annual fee.

Biggest reason for me to get this is the automatic IPD, the eye-tracking and the lack of fresnel lenses; at 90hz and Index level FOV I don’t find €4.000 particularly expensive, even from a prosumer point of view.


If they didn’t require a valid company tax number, I think a handful of prosumers would be willing to buy this headset.


As impressive as it sounds… having super clear vision only in the center I think is a pass for me.

Its the main reason I had to return the G2.


Claimed 2720v in the ‘peripheral’ region is actually high enough in itself to eliminate the little bit of remaining eyestrain and improve clarity in CPU-limited rendering flight sims.

Narrow FOV would limit how long I could put up with the headset though.

Let’s hope enough of these get sold to create more of a push for such a high resolution - with a high FOV - to become widely available.


This concept would also be great if it could be more openly shared. It is ashame atm it is only available in limited FoV headset design.

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Early VR technology adoption is so expensive these days. In 5 years time we’ll probably have cheap VR headsets under $1000 that use super sharp micro OLED displays.


This is cool though. I am just young enough to have missed out on the PC/console Jurrasic Era when anybody and everybody who could manufacture anything from refridgerators to televisions threw their hat in the ring to see if they could define the future.

Magnavox, Tandy, Atari, Commodore, Sharp…etc

the rules had not been written yet and the standards were yet to be defined.

The tree was shaken hard back then and only the strongest leaves survived.

20 years from now we will look back at this time in VR history and laugh at some of the worst ideas and marvel i some of the best ideas that stuck around.



that depends on you point of view and income, i see lots of people shelling out much more then this for vacation or cars (every year)
these headsets are worthless after about 3 years but if you compare it with a vacations trip to the other end of the world, its two weeks and you money is gone
and with corona limiting you abilities for travel there might be a lot money around for vr, its more a question if you can make up your mind to it (and maybe keep your partner from knowing about the price tag - yeah THAT hand bag is worth 700 bugs)

PS: ever had a look at the price tag of a Tesla?
PPS: i drive a 24 year old car, guess if i have the money for a vr-3 or a xtal
PPPS: its a Golf III not some vintage Porsche or Lotus :wink:


I ordered mines bro on April 13th

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and they are not in stock ?

What’s not in stock what headset are you referring to

I meant the varjo vr 3

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