VR safety tip from a possible Darwin Award near 'honorable mention'

Few weeks ago. Playing PavlovVR after too many hours working from a chair. Bringing my left controller upwards, I hear a strange sound and feel something sharp. At this point, my primary concern is that one of my monitors might have been impacted. Feeling around, it doesn’t seem like a monitor.

So I go back to playing PavlovVR. Can’t shake the feeling that I have an injury though, so eventually, I decide to take a look.

The minor scrape is not a concern. This, what I had been feeling around, was much less expected.

Now, before the paranoia department gets going, there are a few mitigating factors.

  • I have never done something this stupid and dangerous before.
  • Lamp was in the corner of the room, which is usually relatively untouched.
  • Being upstairs would have limited the capacitance to ground.
  • In no way does this have anything to do with whether VR itself could be ‘unhealthy’ for the eyes.

That said, the electronics of the LED ballast are unlikely to have provided any ground isolation.

So, bear in mind, some of those obstructions in your roomscale space could be more than a nuisance.


Ensuring your playspace is safe has nothing to do with your eyes(so not sure why you’d bring up something unrelated).

I recall a co worker saying VR was unsafe as you could fall down a set a stairs. Lol

The kind of mishap you have had also has had similar events outside of VR using Kinect, PSMove and WiiMotes. However a good cautionary tail as many don’t have a fully Roomscale dedicated space.

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Or you could do what I do and just sit down.

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I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt!

I have no space for room-scale VR, but I do plan to play Half-Life: Alyx later this year, after I’ve bought Index controllers. My plan is to place a small square of carpet down (on a hardwood floor) and play barefoot, standing in one place. Hopefully, that will keep me away from anything breakable.

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I play echo arena a lot, primary on Oculus devices, previously it was CV1 & now it’s Quest, it’s the only game that constantly makes me punch everything around, I even punched my wife one day, but then she learned & doesn’t get close enough when Im in HDM. I started to have problem with my finger as I always punched the same place for many times, I had safe area, different things but in fast paced E sport game, in critical moment you just lose your orientation & pass beyond the borders, as I said it’s the only game that makes me do this. Things drastically improved since I got Quest & echo was released there, it has passthrough mode with 2 cameras & displays just stop showing you game & start show you your room once you pass the border, really it’s the best thing ever made for play area software & it works like a charm, I don’t remember when I last time punched something in Echo now. The only concern I have now is cats, I have kitten & 1 mature cat, 1st one always tries to bite me in my foot so Im afraid to step on it, the only thing that helps is to stay on the same spot or get cats to another room & close the door, but they like my room too much to make them so sad :smiley:


I also have cats. I’ve learned to never raise my feet too high and sort of shuffle around the house. Also, you could try playing barefoot, so you’d notice the feel of fur before hurting the cat, although it might hurt YOU if a cat bites your bare toes. :scream_cat:


Wow. I would find it very difficult to play PavlovVR competitively with cats around. Way too easy to step on them.


I recall @dogbite used to play with a ceiling fan overhead…

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Ya. Took a couple of chunks out of my hand before moving my play space to the other end of the room. :grinning:
Also punched a wall slightly once in Creed. The wall, my hand and the IC took it well.
I now play with a chair behind me that my legs can feel which allows for easy crouching (360 rather than room scale). With practice, I have managed to maintain position without too much wandering.
I always liked the nose gap and can see the floor with a peek so haven’t tripped on anything so far. It is a learned behavior and has taken some practice but works well, for me.
Having no wife, my whole house is a mancave and can move things where ever I want. :smiley: