VR smart carpet, as treadmill?

Is there already something as smart carpet for vr users, one which can sinhronise real direction with vr direction, and recognise walking in place 1 step forward for front walking, 1 step back for walking back, and so on for left/right?
That would solve my lack of time for sport :smiley:

edit: I mean small circular carpet

This sounds like something that might be possible using some Vive Trackers + the Natural Locomotion application on Steam.

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you could try cybershoes.

i backed the kickstarter. they work well, i just don’t use them much because i don’t like the exercise.


Yeah the Cybershoes are good but damn they are tiring! For me the best so far has been the WalkOVR once it is dialed in… I really got some actual walking in VR moments of true presence when it was synced up! []-)


for a bit of a laugh in VR they look fine, but for competetive online play they are awful, strafing requires you to spin the chair all the way left or right by which time you are already dead and then as they basically require you to sit in a chair you also can’t duck or go prone, they are a novelty item and I can’t justify the price for something that will hardly get used

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I can’t imagine using them in a competitive shooter, that’s for sure!

But they worked fine for exploring worlds in VRChat when the thumbstick fell off my index controllers.

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