VRGamerDude: HP Reverb G2 Live Unboxing and First Impressions


EDIT: Updated link:


The video is coming up private for me.


Just go here…



Not live yet. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::tired_face:

Skip forward to 4:30. Its a recorded live stream

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Sorry… the stream was so bad I had to delete it… I did repost the recorded version last night though… You can find it here: https://youtu.be/dXRZyMulc8E


Would love to hear more direct comparisons to the 8KX, Don. Thinking about ordering that and maybe selling the 8KX. Thanks for your time.


@vrgamerdude, thanks for the vid and quick impressions. Look forward to hearing your thoughts in comparison to the 8kx since you are someone who has had a good experience with the 8kx. I love my 8kx and unless the G2 has much better image quality, then I can’t see giving up the fov for it.


Updated… :+1::wink:


Hey thanks so much and also for sharing the video here… Gonna be going live with some gameplay in the G2 here in the next hour so if anyone is around be sure to drop by my channel and say hi! []-)


How does it compare to the Pimax 8KX?

Planning to watch later, but my primary question is whether the HP Reverb G2 has resolution and lens sweet spot comparable enough to the 8kX to compete on those bases (FOV being smaller of course).

Because it is very important for all of us that more >=2160v VR headsets get into the field ASAP.


The sweetspot is much better on the hp reverb G2,also better clarity and no mura at all…


So HP reached out in reply to your tweet for a job (post-pimax) eh?



No… Still looking… HP just sent me their new headset to review and play with on my channel as many other manufacturers do these days. I was actually supposed to join the Pimax team officially last month but plans have been put on hold for the moment unfortunately. []-(

Was just about to give this same answer… So far the sweet spot seems comparable and yes… The clarity is outstanding!


My G2 is still incoming, I needed to see for myself what life outside the Pimax bubble is like. As I feel i’ve been using Pimax so long that i’m FOV-Biased.

Clearly Sebastian from MRTV has overcome his addiction. I need to know why. :slight_smile:

And Tyriel Wood says that of all the headsets he’s tried that everytime he puts on the G2 he’s like “overwhelmed” (Keep in mind Tyriel has yet to try an 8kX)

First time I put on the 8KX I was like “That’s it?”

So ever since then I’ve been so curious I ordered a G2 to try. (HP has a 30 day return policy.)

So my question to you is this. Is Tyriel right? Does the G2 have that “wow” factor more than the 8KX?


For me the quest 2 had more wow factor than an 8KX, so if they are all right that the G2 is even better, then yes.

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In some ways yes Tyriel is correct… It truly does have a wow factor when you first put it on because you realize how bright and clear and colorful everything is! So yes I will say that to me the screens do look a bit better than what I see in the 8KX! They just seem to have a much better contrast ratio and the colors pop much more nicely with the G2! Now with that said, I do miss the increased field of view… I also understand that the image in the 8KX is going to be slightly blurrier than the G2 due to being stretched across that wide FOV. I really need to throw my 8KX into small FOV mode and compare them side by side to be 100% sure but so far on a purely visual basis I would say I do like the image in the G2 a little better!

But as we know visuals aren’t everything when it comes to solid VR gameplay and so far the jury is still out on that for me with the G2… Not really impressed with the controller tracking as I don’t find it much better than the standard two camera windows mixed reality solution! I may be having environmental issues though as my studio is very brightly lit and has lots of reflective surfaces so going to have to try it on my other PC in the living room to make sure. Even after a few days I am starting to feel that the G2 is going to be another great headset for SIM gaming but possibly not ultimate gaming headset It is being hyped as… Hoping to have a full review done in the next week so stay tuned!


yes, tracking is the main problem of this hmd, everything seems is ok with it but Microsoft partnership, I whished they turn steamvr tracking without any controllers or with cv1 like ones but they chosen use Microsoft.

I just so liked my cv1 & I bough 3rd pair of it 2 years ago & still didn’t open it as had previous one working but all in cracks & with sticking on buttons due to Echo, so didn’t want to break new, I guess I need to pair back my IR Oculus cameras & try some other HMD with multiple drivers & how it works, anyway preordered yesterday mine from official site, guess will get it by December, I wanted to try Pimax, bought 3 Pimax HMD, but image never was good to me in terms of contrast & drab visuals & washed out colours. So G2 is my hope & considering new Q2 I have & I like it’s LCD (Cosmos Elite is better in terms of contrast but worse in SDE) I think I will like G2 & will use it if not for general gaming then for DCS & Dirt Rally for sure.