VRGD Live - Playing HLVR Half Life 2 VR Total Conversion In The Pimax 8KX

Tonight I’m jumping back into HLVR 2 Beta but thsi time in my Pimax 8KX. I wanted to see if it would work and I am happy to say it does! Half Life 2 with wide FOV is AWESOME!!!

I hope you all enjoy this stream and please let me know if you want to see more live stuff on the channel going forward? OH, and as always, if you have any questions or comments just throw them in the chat section and I will try to check it before the stream ends.

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How is this different than VRmod in Garrys Mod?

Didn’t try new mod yet, but I see in video climbing ladders with hands, holding body with one hand and shooting with other (hidden mostly behind wall). Crowbar swinging :+1:

Old mod was great except unnatural turning in driving vehicles, and big crane didn’t work (up/down/left/right was ok, but further/closer was not working). I expect that solved here.

I can’t wait to play it again :slight_smile:

@vrgamerdude I taught your lady friend was Alyx voice adding spice to mod :smiley:

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