Warning: Don't sell your 20 series card just yet

With the RTX 30 series out, there will be high demand and limited supply. This may result in price hikes for the 3070, 3080, and 3090 or unavailability for a long period of time.

If this happens, the demand for 20 Series cards will rise again a bit, meaning you’d be able to sell it for a higher price. Secondly, you won’t be left without any graphics card in the case that you struggle to find a 30 card available.


maybe but at what price 100% performance increase for about same price. serie 20 used market will be devaluated. even if higher demand. Also you normally sell you old card after buying a new one so this negate your argument :wink:

easiest way to profit is to only buy when needed…

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I was contemplating selling mine a couple weeks ago when my 2080ti FTW3 Hybrid was selling for ~$1200 on eBay, but decided to wait assuming my 8KX would arrive and I’d want to play around with it. Of course, my 8KX still isn’t here and now my card is half it’s value. :unamused:


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Don’t sell because I want sell mine first!!

Its inevitable, I have seen my local market flooded with 2000 series cards, all preying on the unaware.


Best time for the game devs to activate VR SLI


Lol, I’m in no rush to sell my 2080 Ti. I’ll get a 3090 and either gift my old GPU to my brother or sell it for $400 without a care in the world. I bought the 2080 Ti in October 2019 so I got almost a year out of it.


Geee 4$ US a day make a VR gamer happy anyway :wink:

Note : not as funny as 40$ but closer to reality…

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The price we pay for cutting edge tech :crazy_face:

Its either enjoy it early or enjoy it later with discount

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I paid $1,682.77 CAD for the EVGA 2080Ti from newegg.ca which is $1288 USD on Oct 14th 2019 so assuming I buy a 3090 on Sept 24th, that’s

$1288 USD / 346 days = $3.72 USD per day which is not too bad.

Realy a case that I saw what I wanted to see. just check my calc result again was 3.69$ / day :crazy_face:

3.69$ rounded up is 40$ no? :wink:

40 per day are ok…

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Preying on the unaware is right. Most of the cards are still way overpriced. I’m sure they’re hoping that some people will buy it before they learn they can buy something better for less.

Now I’d like to see that!

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:rofl: Hahaha, yeah right? That’s what I see happening to me if I decide to go with the 3090. It might not be so bad if I go with something less. But then there’s that idea of buying the best so that I won’t regret it until I upgrade again.


if you have a 2080ti, i would wait… or not… or…hmmm…24gig vram…hmmm

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going for the 3090. I believe it’ll be futureproof for at least a couple years. I’d probably skip the next generation after that.


Who else but Pimax?

On a serious note, my advice is for those who are already in this situation. Some have already sold their 20 card for cheap before they’ve even bought a new GPU.

Let me guess - that‘s exactly what you said when you bought your 2080Ti ? :laughing:


Nope. When I bought the 2080 Ti in October 2019, I was fully aware of rumors of Nvidia’s next gen cards coming soon, but I didn’t care. I wanted the 30% extra performance over the 1080 Ti at the time.