'warp' in game menus and moving lines

guys,do any of you know what causes that ‘warping’ in certain games?

had it on my previous oculus dk2 and have it on the 4k as well,certain games have a ‘warp’ (displacement,not tearing,as it moves then tries to go back to where it was then moves again…)

i can notice it in certain lines (black ones mostly) in racing games and in menus when the mouse moves over (elite dangerous is the one i can always recreate this,had in on asserto corsa and project cars as well but games like fallout4vr, skyrimvr, warthunder… doesn’t have this whatsoever)

checked fps and latency already,fps are always more than 70 and latency is 6ms at maximum(in steamvr menu its 0.4ms)

pretty sure that is just a side effect of smart smoothing


thanks,disabling smart smoothing fixed it

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