We are going Open Beta this weekend with Beta 0.40 :)

Hey all!

First off, thank you so much for helping me out so much throughout the past month or so. We really managed to fix loads of bugs, issues and major problems.

We still have a long way to go, and there are probably 1000 more bugs to solve, as well as 1000 new features to add and improve, but I think its time to go Open Beta for the public now. With teyh version 0.40, we will go public here in the OpenMR forums, and this version will most likely be the one embedded into the next PiTool version that releases this weekend (most likely tomorrow).

We can still sort some issues if we find any until tomorrow, but I think we are quite stable and ready to let alarger amount of users try the appplication, dont you think? :slight_smile:

In Beta 0.40, Ive solved a few issues and made some improvements that I think are important (release notes below)

Im off for a dinner (finally leaving home, been stuck by the computer the entire week heh) but I will be back later this night.


Beta v0.40 Release Notes:

1. Dropdowns: Dropdown menus now AUTO-scroll to the selected item (finally!). Makes it so much easier to browse through dropdown menus and get back to previous value or just move to next.

2. Dropdowns: Added checkbox to selected item in dropdown. Slight UI change in dropdowns.

3. Hand Modes: Fixed hand (pointer) position for all new Hand models, so the pointers (circles) correctly matches the finger top positions.

4. Game-page: Corrected “Launcher” information for custom imported games, now it shows "SteamVR/PiTool/Runtime) depending on what is set for the imported game.

5. Recenter popup: Recenter-popup corrently hides and shows now (found a bug). Popup is shown the first 3 times PE launches. Later, its hidden.

6. SteamVR Backup file namagement: SteamVR config file automatic backup is made only ONCE per day now, so config backups only have date in name now, not time. (otherwise too many files were created, basically every time you launch a game with SteamVR profile set)

7. Fix: Further improved cleaning up values and fields in Settings/dropdowns/selectors to free up some RAM when pages are closed.


Thank you for your hard work, will download and test when I get home.


Absolutely thanks for the incredible work!

Any word on mouse integration? I only use my 8kx for iRacing, and never have a controller handy when I need it.


Im working on it as of now. Its complicated but Im getting there slowly… :slight_smile: