Weekly Update 10th December 2020

Weekly Update

December 10 th , 2020

Latest Pitool Download (Version 266)

The latest version of Pitool (266) is now available for download. Click here to download and learn more about what changes have been made!

5K Super Sold Out

The 5K Super launch was a huge success and sold out far faster than we expected. We are working hard to restock the 5K Super and as soon as we have the restock date we will post it in the announcements section.

Black Friday 8KX Free Fiber Optic Cable Advisory

We recently sent out an email to customers advising that you can receive a free Fiber Optic cable when ordering a new 8KX headset. The code for the cable is only for use with the purchase of a new 8KX headset and cannot be used for a stand-alone purchase of the cable.

Pimax Experience (PE) Version 0.8 1 Beta Released!

The new Pimax Experience .81 adds to the new features added in .80 (Virtual Desktops!) with the addition of multi-monitor modes! As always PE is a free download, and we encourage all Pimax headset users to check it out! Here is the latest link: