Weekly Update 11th November 2020

Weekly Update

November 11th , 2020

Backer Box and Other Package Deliveries

Large numbers of packages have arrived successfully to their destinations, but some packages were flagged by the carrier with exception status and we not delivered. The carrier has provided multiple reasons for this which include recipient’s either not home or cannot be contacted and additional reasons for the exception.

In these cases, stickers were often left at the door and the carrier has made other attempts such as phone calls to contact the recipient without success. Be aware that the local hubs will only retain the packages for 5 days before returning the parcel to the point of origin. Special Note: If your tracking number is USPS and does not yield any shipping data you can also input the number into the FedEx tracking system to reveal more detailed information.

Special Note: If your tracking number shows an exception it is especially important you contact the carrier immediately. You can also contact the carrier even if an exception is not noted just to be certain.

KDMAS Setup Guide

We have a new KDMAS setup guide that should help those who either already have their KDMAS or those where they are just arriving.

We encourage you to check out the guide by visiting this link: Backer Box Installation Guide

NEW BETA Pitool designed to resolve issues with IPD adjustment. This new Pitool allows much more detailed adjustment of IPD and allows EACH EYE to be individually adjusted.

If you are having any issues with picture focus or clarity this Pitool can resolve these issues and we encourage you to give it a try. You can download it here with this link:

Download link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OL5kNU4CehXc1t6BNpRqsLTL9WoV7W3-/view?usp=sharing

Of course we are always looking for ways to improve and if you have suggestions for further enhancements to Pitool please let us know via your feedback to the community and we will report your outcome to the R&D team!

If you haven’t already done so please update your backer address to receive your backer box!

If you have not verified your address on backer.pimaxvr.com you will not receive your backer box shipment. There are a fair number of backers who still have not done so. Please verify the address on the site even if your address has not changed.

Thousands of backer boxes are being delivered all over the world so please make sure you receive yours!
Guide - https://support.pimax.com/en/support/solutions/articles/60000670669-backer-information-confirm

It’s 8KX! @OpenMR Contest

WIN an RTX 3090! We invited all current 8KX owners to enter this contest and receive a good chance to win.
For further information, please visit this link!

Your Pimax Team