Weekly Update 12th March 2021

Weekly Update

March 12th, 2021

Pimax Day 3

We are planning the next Pimax Day and our target date is March 23rd! All the latest Pimax developments will be discussed and the plan is to keep the presentation a little shorter this time.

Pimax Sword Controller Progress

The Sword controller development is continuing to move along rapidly, and the latest validation results are extremely encouraging. You can expect to see some Sword controller content during Pimax Day 3.

Some Pitool users have reported a “fee” dialog box

For the record there are no fees at all to use or install our Pimax Pitool software (or any Pimax software).

The popup is limited to an exceedingly small percentage of users who have an outstanding unpaid balance that resulted from shipping taxes and duties. If you are seeing this message appear please create a support ticket in our support system to resolve the issue. Click here to create a support ticket.

Hand Tracking Module Issue on 5K Plus

If you own a Hand Tracking Module but it is not detected on your 5K Plus headset we suggest you create a support ticket entitled “HT Module with 5K Plus”. Our technician can remotely perform a full diagnostic procedure and in most cases provide a solution. In addition please send a private message to Quorra Pimax once you create the ticket so we can follow up on the progress for resolution of this issue.

UK Shipment Issue

Shipments to the UK are currently delayed over a VAT related issue. We have sorted out a solution for it together with our third-party courier. We will advise further very soon once the details are finalized.

Furthermore, we have allocated inventory at the local warehouse that will satisfy inventory requirements and expedite deliveries.

Pimax Experience Version .85 1 Now Released

Cloud Profiles Phase 1 is now included in the Pimax Experience and a new easy update feature. We highly recommend you download the latest version here: Pimax VR Experience - Version Public Beta - Available Now! 🍰

For those who are not aware Pimax Experience automatically updates many computer settings (such as complex SteamVR settings) that often must be manually set to achieve the best visual quality for Pimax headsets.
Be advised that Pitool alone does not provide any of these ease of use features so we highly recommend both Pitool and the Pimax Experience are both installed.

Your Pimax Team.