Weekly Update 14th April 2021

Weekly Update

April 14th , 2021

Sword and Sword Sense Controller Update

More refined samples have been produced and we are down to minor modifications. We expect all mods to be completed for the Sword controller by the end of April. The Sword and Sword sense share a large number of both electrical and housing components so while we are fully focused on the Sword we will be able to quickly focus efforts on the Sense version once Sword is completed.

Occasional Screen blackout Issue under investigation

Some members of our community have reported random screen blackouts usually 2-3 seconds when running at 90Hz on the 8KX. We are currently investigating this and are sorry this is occurring for anyone who’s gaming experience is affected.

Please Note: There is anecdotal evidence from a community member that this may be either related to Overclocked GPU’s or the Pitool Brightness setting (or a combination of both). While we investigate you can try removing your overclock settings to normal and reducing the brightness level in Pitool to see if this improves or eliminates your issue.
Credit : @MikeJeffries

DMAS Testing List Completed

The DMAS testers have been selected and the window to apply has ended. We have selected the 10 candidates and Kevin will contact you on OpenMR and email when the shipment date is near so keep an eye out for that.

We offer our genuine thanks to everyone who applied to be a tester!

Pimax VR Experience LIVESTEAM April 15th , 1PM EST

Martin, Armin and Kevin will be doing a livestream to talk about all Pimax Experience things on April 15th at 1PM EST on the Sweviver Youtube Channel.
The latest version of PE is .86 and you can download it from here:

90Hz beta firmware for the 8KX

If you have an Nvidia 30 series card and have not tried our new 90Hz mode you might be missing out! This mode has proven to be very popular with users and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

Click HERE(https://www.pimax.com/pages/m298-beta-firmware-for-8k-x) to see the appropriate GPU drivers and download the free beta firmware now!

Please let us know if you discover any bugs or problems as this data greatly assists us with future improvements!

Your Pimax Team