Weekly Update 15/03/2020

Pimax Weekly Update

Dear all,

The COVID-19 is under control at the China region and new cases have rapidly declined. As a result restrictions have been reduced and our offices, our supply chain and factory are slowly back in operation. What follows is a quick status update:

Standard MAS – The remaining parts for the Standard MAS that had not yet been tooled have now begin tooling. The next step after tooling is to produce T1 sample sets to see if any further modification is necessary. This tooling step is planned to start by end of March. After T1 modification is done, and it can meet with the requirement by the QC, small batch of demo unit will be produce.

8K Plus - Most orders have now been delivered. Now that the overwhelming majority of 8K Plus are now delivered or in the delivery pipeline we are now officially moving the 8K Plus into stock and as fully packaged bundles.

Artisan – Artisan is now entering back into production. All proper safeguards that include the automated finishing line are back in place. You can expect to see Artisan’s reappear in the near future.

Silicone protective sleeve - Black and Grey color are now available in stock.

Comfort Kit - Currently out of stock for order as an individual item. Current stock is reserved for headset bundles. We will advise when this item becomes available again for upgrade purchase.

8KX - The supply chain is restored and the required components and materials are arriving at the factory. There are still some minor parts that required tooling but those should have their tooling completed soon.

Let’s pray for the countries that affected by the COVID-19!

It is our sincere hope we can overcome this challenge together.

Note: We are putting together some updates on items that are not mentioned here that we will release in the near future. You also might check out our new customer service update as well.

Best Wishes,
Your Pimax Team

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