Weekly Update 15/04/2020

Weekly Update 15/04/2020

Pimax April 14 th 2020 Update

5K PLUS US REGION Inventory Resupply

Over the last week customers in the US Region couldn’t place 5K Plus orders from our website because our local US based warehouses were out of stock. This is due to slower incoming shipments to the warehouses.

Solution : We have now increased the shipment sizes and allocation of 5K Plus headsets to US warehouses. Some orders will be shipped via air freight from our Shanghai warehouse. As a result the 5K Plus is available for shipment again and we are increasing the rate of resupply and availability.

Comfort Kit Inventory Resupply

The Comfort Kit has proven quite popular and we ran out of stock at all our warehouse locations.

Solution : We have now resupplied larger quantities of parts and packaging. As of today we now are ready to resume and considerably increase deliveries of Comfort Kits, particularly those who ordered them as an individual item.

Comfort Kit Production Update :
We have also increased the production yield and are now able to produce hundreds of fully packaged Comfort Kits per week.


Deluxe MAS Update

The development of the Deluxe MAS is about 45 days behind the Standard MAS but it is progressing at a fast pace with no new delays.
In the photo below you can see a Deluxe MAS SLA so you can see the design of the floating ear phones. We are currently analyzing the final design for the modular aspect and verifying the core speaker driver together with the manufacturer.


110Hz Refresh Rate Firmware for 8K Plus

Our software engineering team are currently testing the new 110Hz Firmware release candidates. In previous versions we found some instances of instability and must confirm we have resolved these issues. The development effort for higher refresh rates is very similar to the refresh rate efforts we previously engaged in for the 5K PLUS. We are confident we will be able to quickly complete the testing and move to a beta release. We will continue to update you on progress of the new firmware development.

Upcoming Big Online Event

We are working hard on a new big online event for all users. The event will include some very special announcements and a great deal of information on everything from development and production progress, stretch goals, updated programs and much more. Please kindly stay tuned!

Delayed Stretch Goal Update / Update will be included in Online Event

A special Stretch Goal update was promised some weeks ago and although we have discussed these items such as MAS etc. in the weekly updates we had planned a more elaborate update that specifically focused on stretch goals.

However, we haven’t released the special stretch goal update because we are reorganizing the details on the stretch goal’s progress and importantly, we are about to make changes to the stretch goal program itself.
Prior to releasing a special stretch goal update we also needed a number of confirmations from our supply chain so the information we provide is as accurate as possible. Complete supply chain timeline audits are an item we did not perform to a high degree in previous estimates so the goal is to introduce data that has a high degree of certainty. This information and more we be included in our big upcoming online event.

Plan F shipment Analysis/Progress

Canada - 70% of the orders have been fulfilled
Australia - 60% of the orders have been fulfilled
Japan - 70% of the orders have been fulfilled
EU - 40% of the orders have been fulfilled
USA - 99% of the orders have been fulfilled

Remaining orders for Canada/Australia/Japan are scheduled to be shipped this week.

EU/US region might require some additional time as the shipment services have recently become more restricted.

KS Base Station ONLY deliveries

This applies to those who ordered only base stations OR requested advance delivery of base stations as soon as they are available.

Base Station kits arrive in multiple parts (base station units, regional power supply, regional instructions and markings and packaging).
As we assemble the kits we will contact you with a verification on your shipping address. We have more than sufficient sets for ALL outstanding base station shipments and are quickly becoming available for shipment.

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