Weekly Update 17th November 2020

Weekly Update

November 17 th , 2020

Hand Tracking Module Adjustment Software

Some hand tracking module customer have reported a misalignment of the visual position of their hands with their actual position. In a few cases the reported improper alignment was considerable.

To resolve this issue please proceed to this link to download and run the alignment tool below:


DMAS Production

During our test production runs for the DMAS we found it required additional time to produce, test and calibrate. We focused instead on producing KDMAS and SMAS while we improved our manufacturing process for the DMAS.

We can report we have automated much of the DMAS production process and DMAS is expected to enter mass production in December. We have scheduled a test production run next week to ensure all the new production improvements are working well.

If you have a DMAS on order but have received an SMAS instead you do not need to worry as we will deliver the DMAS speaker assembly in it’s own package and it can be installed on your existing MAS. The SMAS speaker assembly can easily be removed and replaced with DMAS.

8KX Loaner Returns and Shipments

Loaner Return

We know we have asked this many times before but if you are an original 8KX backer with a loaner we encourage you to return it so we can deliver you your 8KX headset. Please click this link, and submit a ticket to our helpdesk, we are going to release the return address and other information in order for you to return loaner unit.

Outstanding 8KX Orders

If you have a pre-order, upgrade or any undelivered outstanding 8KX order please post your order number on the thread below so we can make sure you receive your headset delivery.
We will do our very best to insure any and all outstanding orders are processed as soon as possible.

NEW Pimax 5K Super !

Many of you may have read about our new 5K Super at last years CES – well Stay Tuned for more information on this brand new headset as we will be releasing an update about this is the next few days.

Backer Box Shipments

Our logistic team is focusing on exception backer box shipments that have not yet been delivered. This includes backer boxes and the added accessories such as Hand Tracking, Eye Tracking etc.

If you have not received your tracking number our team is reviewing each order to insure they are properly processed.

We know some of you have verified your address many times but there are still some out there who have never verified their shipping address. Each time we put out this notice we do receive some folks who verify who hadn’t done it before. So please if you have not verified your address to get your backer box please follow the instructions in the link below:
backer box address verification

It’s 8KX! @OpenMR CONTEST!

If you haven’t yet joined the contest please register here:
(8KX! Registration link)

There is less than 1 week remaining to enter so don’t miss your chance to WIN an Nvidia RTX 3090 Video Card!

Also it’s worth your while to checkout other users reviews as they are quite informative and you might even learn something new about your headset! Many useful tips can be found.

Here’s the link:
(8KX review Link)

Your Pimax Team.